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  1. Both the 700, and 800 Takotas. I used the 800's for the 45 pound 300' coppers. The 700's worked for everything else. I have 10 or 12 different copper reals set up with varying lengths on them. There is no need for a counter on a long line. Counters are a must for wire or braid diver lines.
  2. I really like the Takota 700, and 800 for this application. The Convector 55 works will also. No modification is necessary. I have some nece reals all set up with 35, and 45 pound copper that I am willing to part with if you are interested.
  3. I fished with a friend on his boat Saturday. The lake was flat, the sun was out, and the coho where snapping. We spent the day casting into the into the Non Boat area in front of the power plant. When we casted spoon (hopkins), we were getting the smaller fish. I started casting a Purple Sunfire #10 Deep Husky Jerk, and started catching some nicer fish. We ended up landing 10, and loosing many more. A slow retrieve was the ticket for me. The guys trolling where doing very good also. Ken.
  4. I do not use snubbers. I use #40 mono from the diver to the flasher.
  5. The main reason I have not been fishing the last 2 years is the boat has been running like crap. Anchorage Marine was convinced it was the Holly Fuel Injection system that was on it. They spent most of the last summer replacing parts and hoping it worked. It didn't. I pulled the distributor this spring to find it had a bad bearing in it. I need to replace it. NAPA wants $900. eBay has them for $350. Is there a better option? It's the Merc Cruser 305 Gm Engine. 1980's years.
  6. the only clear one I had broke also.
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