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  1. If Saturday AM would of been any thing like Friday PM, It's a good thing you saved you gas. Very slow Friday PM.
  2. V V N Frank, It sounds like you've got the bay figured out. I wish I lived closer. Walleye are great tasting. Ken.
  3. I took my boat and my cousin had his. We fished from 6:30 til 11:00. We went 1 for 2 Started in 170' and ended in 70'. The one we got was in 70' down 50 off the rigger with a SS Smurf. The miss hit the sigs rig fly off the wire diver back 75'. Very slow for us and the other boats we talked with. Cousin ended up 0 for 0 We had a 9 poll spread, covering all depths. Ken.
  4. Thanks for the history, and thanks for all the work you put into the site. This is one of the cleanest sites I have found in a long time. I agree %100. Very Clean and very Friendly.
  5. Nice job Mike! It's nice to see the supper glows working.
  6. Jason, Bleeding does work. I have a friend that takes his Salmon and bleeds them into a 5 gallon bucket before he puts them in the cooler. If you soak the fish in milk before cooking it will also dissolve any leftover blood.
  7. I've suspected that to be the case for a while now.
  8. I love the color of the eyes that come out of Bay De Noc. Very nice, Thanks.
  9. I have herd of it happening to others but, never to myself. Nice job on the fish Keith (I think thats right) Ken.
  10. `Nice catch caption! How are the nets this year?
  11. WOW! it looks like the Plum Crazy crew is going to have some nice white meat for dinner soon. Great catch guys.
  12. Nice bunch of fish there Terry and crew! You da men.
  13. A warm welcome to a Cubs fan. With the tiggers doing as bad as they are and the Cubs doing as good as the are, It's nice to have a winning team aboard. Ken.
  14. Our Sigs Rig Fish. It came off a wire mag diver 300 feet back in 170 fow south of the stacks.
  15. Welcome. Come to the next event and enjoy. If ever you need help on the lake and where out there, hail us on the radio (Team Nailer). We're not the best but, we do ok. I'll be glad to share info (this goes fore any one out there). Ken.
  16. Too bad for all the small fish Dirty Dog, but it sounds like some fast action. We set up in 150 and headed west. Hit our first fish at 170 - small king off the wire diver 175 back w/ big flasher fly. That same rig took one more rip at 175 (unbuttoned) turned around at 200 only to find 2 small shakers on both of our rigger rods. we worked our way back to the 170 range and started hitting fish. Our most productive rig was the wire diver with a walker mag diver set at 1 back 300 feet. One had a green spinner and the Sigs Rig green glow fly. The other had a white spinner/fly. The wire produced 5 of the 9 fish with 2 more blanks. We did get 1 king on a full core with a custom painted Bloody nose Jplug, and a Laker off the rigger on a Silver Streak Smerf. we ended 9 for 11. Ken
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