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  1. Drinking beer with a buddy is always more fun than drinking it on the couch with your wife rambling on about something that makes no since at all! Also you don't have to get up to open the frig.:beerchug:
  2. It looked as though the doe was a yearling. I believe the yearlings come into heat later in the season? It was 12/04/07. Ken.
  3. I had the camera yesterday while working in a residentially area of West Mi. These two deer where hanging around all day. When I grabbed the camera they put on a show for me. (These photos are heavily croped)
  4. I've logged over 65 night time trips on Muskegon lake and, the biggest factor in how active the fish are is the weather. When high pressure is around we do not do well. Dark nights can be very good. I've found the darker lures to work better when it's moon free. Like the Tenn. shad, or Purple Sunfire. (Huskee Jerks) It's not uncommon to find the fish in water thats a bit shallower than normal. Ken.
  5. Randy, this web site will answer any boat related question you have. http://forums.iboats.com/index.php
  6. I had the delight to work up in Harbor Springs this past week. On Wednesday afternoon I drove up to Bridge to take a few after dark shots of it. I've been over it many of many times but, I've never took the time to just look at it after dark. It truly is a work of art. First one is just after sunset. Well after dark and lastly a 2.5 second exposer with a freighter going under her.
  7. Not a true Sun set but, I really like this shot and wanted to share it. I took it a year ago last spring in the town of Goatsville (Eastern UP) as a thunderstorm was approaching.
  8. As Men we have to take pride in ourselves. No one taught this low life that.
  9. August 4 6:18 am out of Sagatuct. April 21 at South Haven. July 21 out of Port Sheldon.
  10. Not a fish but, still a cool shot. I took it out my in my back yard. This was our tag along from last spring at South Haven. Can any one tell me what kind of bird this is? It was early Spring so it is an adult.
  11. I'm just set up my Photo Bucket account, so here's a pic of my uncle from last spring at Drummond Island.
  12. Sounds very nice Minnow. Did you get any pics.?
  13. That hat is great. Got to love those days on the big lake when its flat calm and the fish are biting. I'm always impressed on your ability to get fish GLF. (Brian isn't it?) I took this shot June 25th looking back to shore out of Port Sheldon.
  14. That is exactly what it will do! Thanks Jenny.
  15. I took my 12 year old out this am. for the youth hunt. At 9:00 am this nice buck fell to a shot from our Black Power Gun. (I hope he doesn't think it's that easy all the time.)
  16. The Radio in my boat that I put in a few years back has never transmitted very far. I can listen to other that are 5-8 miles away but, it will only transmit about 1 mile. I have an eight foot antenna. Dose the antenna have to be calibrated to the radio? It doesn't make any difference if it's on local or distance. Any ideas or suggestions? The radio is an Icom. Thanks. Ken
  17. Congrats on the title Phil! and thanks for all the Port Sheldon reports. Ken.
  18. Welcome aboard. I don't know how the Rainbow act in Idaho but, in lake Mi most fisherman that target Rainbow like to use a mix of Orange in there spread. I have got Rainbows on a White flasher / Green fly combo though. That's a nice fish you've got there!
  19. I like to run my drags a bit on the loose side also. The one thing thats helped me this year is sharp hooks and letting the Boys reel the fish in. When the boys reel the fish in, they take there time more than I do. I have most of my fish get off when there in the dipsey set up. Good friend Tim S explained to me to take and loosen your drag before even taking the rod out of the holder. We also took our flies and Snell a single hooks with a treble. It helped but, by far the dipsey still losses the most fish (that could be because it also gets the most hits?) I have a few lures that I put singles on and, the hook up percentage on them is not as high. I think losing a few fish keeps it challenging, Ken.
  20. I have found this site to be very good for repair troubles http://forums.iboats.com/index.php
  21. After the Muskegon WMFL turney we went to White Lake and hit the night bite. We started North at 5 pm in 60 fow trolled out to 150. First fish came after the sun set. Ended 4 for 5, all in the 11-13 pound range. all in the top 40 feet of water. Green/chrome J plug off the dippsey set at 80 took one, Moonshine-Brook trout and Night Crawler took 3 and stinger-Coyote lost one. Most of the fish where South of the channel.
  22. Nice job on the fish and nice display board you've got there.
  23. I've got two that have been doing very well so I haven't been changing that much. Yes if I do retie, I snip it off at the knot and lose a small amount, and some times I just make a new Snell rig.
  24. Very rough out there, motored out to 120 fow, set lines at 7:00 pm Trolled to after dark with only one small king to show for it. Tough night after the great weekend fishing. We all need to get humbled once and a while.
  25. #1 I tie my flys 20-24" directly to the swivel (Trilene Knot) that came with the flasher. #2 I retie my fly with a #3 single hook snelled to a #1 VMC treble #3 I use 50 pound leader material from Cabelas by Seaguar.
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