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  1. big cheeseburgers and big walleye caseville 8-20 Stayed up at cheeseburger festival friday through Sunday and finally got out on the water Sunday morning. Wanted to go Saturday morning but had a very late night Friday and wasn't feeling so good. Fished with my two beautiful daughters Sunday morning out of caseville and picked up 19 very very nice walleye biggest being 7.6 pounds and smallest being 3.3 pounds. We have not put a walleye in the box under 16 inches in over two months, let em go let em grow.Ran a little different setup all rods consisted of two and three colors of leadcore with 35 foot mono to a crawler harness.When I fish caseville to harbor beach I always run my two down rods of leadcore but I wanted to see how a 6 rod spread would do and it did very well. Fished 20 to 30 fow on the big reef where I typically fish but has been a month since I've fished these marks but guess what fish were still there. Speed was 1.8 to 2.1 mph and pinks and purples were the ticket. My 4 and 9 year old daughters reeled in all but two fish.It has been a banner year on the bay once again and very very easy fishing since April.
  2. family trips shallow 8-13-14 Well the walleye and salmon fishing has been very good over the last couple weeks. I Have went salmon fishing more times then walleye fishing in the past weeks being the salmon action has been red HOTT. My good friends salmon boat is docked in south haven so I've made the trip several times now with limit catches and many kings 20 to 30 pounds. Enough of that back to walleye was able to hit the water with the family yesterday and today out of the private lodge north of sebewaing. We are trolling a half mile off shore inside the island chain on a big weed bed just packed with about every king of fish in the lake directly in front of my private lodge and launch does not get any easier or fun especially with the kid's.We trolled 4 to 7 fow with three quarter oz bouncers 10 to 12 foot off the boards at 1.7 to 1.9. mph. We csught a mess of large walleye,northern pike, jumbo perch and gills and several small mouth bass all on crawler harnesses.The kids had a blast and dad was happy cause the cooler was packed with an assortment of great eating fish. Burned 2 gallons of gas for two trips I also liked that. check my post from this time last year for more info on this big weed bed.
  3. pt.austin 7-29 Met my Buddy at dock in port Austin Saturday at 5am and headed out to 30 fow by the lighthouse. Had lines set and catching fish at 545. We trolled harnesses on the bottom to start with boxing 11 very nice walleye the first of which was a 28 inch pig. The action went from hot to very slow around 7am as the Sun came up which is common so we made a short run to 45 to 60 fow where we switched from crawlers to standard sized spoons leadcorre and copper. We ran 6 and 7 colors of lead and 100 to 150 of copper at 2.3 to 2.8 mph it didn't take long to finish off our 24 fish limit of all walleyes 21 to 28 inches. We had no undersized walleye and no trash fish. The larger walleye were puking up smelt in the boat along with golbies.Harnesses that worked well were firetiger and antifreeze. The spoons that worked the best we're blueberry muffin, mixed veggies, and Orange crystal best depth was 52 to 62 fow once the Sun came up. We were back to dock at 930 just as the northeast wind started to kick up.
  4. Walleye fishing

    I've been fishing port hope, grindstone and harbor beach much much larger walleye up there than the inner bay is producing
  5. Walleye fishing

    any where there's water the bay is on fire
  6. Caseville 7-9 port hope 7-10 7-11

    let me know I'll send u my marks depending on where u are fishing out of caseville to port hope is a lot bigger fish than the inner bay
  7. 7-15 3rd place tourney 24 fish limit Fished sebewaing American legion tournament today and took a solid 3rd place out of a 35 boat spread. We were a quarter pound out of first place but won 200 cash a 100 Wal-Mart gift card, a nice trophy to go on the wall with the rest of my top 5 finishes over the years. We had to fish the inner bay due to boundary line restrictions this is the first time that I've fished the inner bay in well over month since we have been fishing caseville to port hope. Started the morning off with solid 3 footers out of the nnw started fishing in 10 to 13 fow off the back of Defoe island just north of sebewaing and the action was red hot from start to finish. We landed almost 50 keeper walleye today not put anything under 16 inches in the box. The walleye fishing is very very easy right now and has been for two months we are still running crawlers off bouncers. Now that the tourney is over back to the deep and big walleye.
  8. Caseville 7-9 port hope 7-10 7-11

    walleye fishing is super hot took 3rd today in decent size tournament
  9. Caseville 7-9 port hope 7-10 7-11

    can't give the numbers on here private message me
  10. Caseville 7-9 port hope 7-10 7-11

    due north off the pier 3 Miles on the humps oak point and all around big charity island
  11. Caseville 7-9 port hope 7-10 7-11 Wow the walleye fishing so so good everywhere with just about everyone catching limits on just about anything u put in the water from spoons to crawlers to tots and flicker minnow and flicker shad. In just about any water depth from 7 fow to 70 fow. I have been fishing the tip of the thumb from caseville to almost harbor beach with easy limits of fish of well above average size. Our fish from the last five trips are averaging around 5 pounds. We are starting to consistently catch walleye up to 8 pounds with a few pushing 9 pounds. We have been fishing 20 to 40 fow dragging meat on the bottom and reef runners 35 to 50 off the boards at 1.4 to 1.8. The school of larger adult walleye spans from caseville and big charity to south of harbor beach. If anyone is planning on fishing these areas get ahold of me and I will give u a fresh report good luck and have fun.
  12. Caseville 7-2 two boat liimt

    northeast wind I'm on my way to work got called in won't be on the water to later or tomorrow morning get ahold of me next trip up the fish will continue to stack up there
  13. Caseville 7-2 two boat liimt

    port hope to north of grindstone crawlers on the bottom and reef runners 40 to 70 off the boards everything ran at 1.5 to 1.7 I like to use 2 colors of leadcore with harnesses as my down rods 20 to 30 fow has been Best
  14. Caseville 7-2 two boat liimt

    ok sounds good I'll be up there friday and Saturday
  15. Caseville 7-2 two boat liimt

    port hope 20 to 25 fow crawlers on the bottom fish up to 30 inches