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  1. slamfest trenton 4-14 fished Trenton yesterday got to Elizabeth park launch at 630 finally got lines wet at 830, what a cluster it was so many boats. It was well worth the wait in line boxed our 15 fish limit with 5 fish over 8 pounds and one 10.6 pounder. Hooked into a monster lake sturgeon that took us for an hour ride up and down the river before finally snapping my pole in half. Here's what worked 1 oz jigs tipped with lunker Finn S fish in blue and black ice.
  2. lodge for rent saginaw bay small lodge for rent on Saginaw bay shoreline just north of sebewaing. My big lodge will not be useable most of spring due to renovations. The small lodge sleeps up to 5 guys and has kitchen and 1 bathroom. Its a rustic lodge with gas fireplace and many mounts on the walls. Also has washer and dryer sorry no TV. The price is 400 for a full week up to 5 guys or 80 a night up to 4 guys. Call Luke 989-670-0104
  3. happens a lot while the water is cold last year in March and April we caught steelhead Brown's and Lakers on these same GPS marks.Had a buddy catch an Atlantic out there last week. They all come into the bay in good numbers every winter.
  4. saginaw bay 3-6-17 tried fished Saginaw river in bay city on Monday and water was very muddy and very fast. We were prepared for this as We brought our trolling gear with us. Headed 4 miles NW out of river to some GPS marks from this time last year in 16 to 20 fow and started trolling husky jerks. Didn't have all the boards out before the first one went off which was a 17 pound lake trout. We landed 1 laker and 14 eyes before we got blown off the water. Trolled deep husky jerks at 1.0 mph anywhere from 35 to 70 off the boards. Good colors were bloody nose wonderbread glass perch and pink clown.
  5. Fished the weed bed again yesterday straight out from my lodge and boxed 7 very nice walleye 5 northern pike and 15 jumbo perch. We trolled all crawlers with 1 oz bouncers 9 to 12 foot off the boards at 1.8 to 2.0 mph. We also caught and released 6 largemouth bass and 5 dogfish. I was fishing with beginner's yesterday and we easily lost 8 to 10 walleye so there is a good number of fish in there.
  6. yes do that give me a call and I'll let u know how fishing is here is my number 989 670 0104 I also have lodging and private boat launch
  7. title should say 9-7 not 9-8 and I posted it before I was finished I believe that the walleye will continue to gather on these weed beds in the shallows as the weather cools off and more perch move in
  8. Fished inside the island chain yesterday on a big weed bed by where my duck blinds go and caught 9 very nice walleye 6 jumbo perch and 3 big northern pike. I have lived on the bay and fished it my entire life and this is the first time I have ever trolled for walleye inside of the islands. Had friends catching perch along this weed bed in 4 to 6 fow the past week they have been catching one or two eyes on perch rigs each trip so we decided to try and troll it. The weed bed is directly out from my private boat launch and is a half mile off shore. We trolled flicker shad on fast side and pink harnesses off 1 oz bouncers everything 8 to 12 foot off the boards at 1.8 mph. These were very nice eyes biggest was $7 inches and smallest 21.
  9. Nice fish man i got laid off over in south haven so i have not been salmon fishing last couple weeks but it was fun while it lasted. I am still catching limits of eyes in shallow on the weed beds out from my lodge. I have been been very busy getting all the duck/goose hunting stuff together for the early opener sept 1. We are going to have to get out one of these days.
  10. for sale

    I usually do 600 for a full week up to 5 guys, so if you have 6 guys for a full week it would be 700. If you only want a weekend for 6 guys it would prolly be 250.
  11. for sale

    Sorry for some reason i just seen your reply, the price depends on how many people and how many nights. U can call me 989 670 0104 if you want any further info, or pics of the place
  12. Rose island duck charters is booking hunts for the 2016 waterfowl season on saginaw bay. The season kicks off september 1 with early goose and teal season, youth season september 10,11 and regular duck/goose season starting october 8 and running till december 4 or till freeze up. We offer 3 pontoon floaters that are moved reguralry as the birds move to different areas of the bay, and 3 stake blinds that are stationary in the migration path of the ducks/geese. We hunt both puddle ducks and open water for divers. Lodging is also availible right at our private boat launch over looking saginaw bay, lodging includes 3 meals.If you would like to book a hunt or would like more information please call 517-202-2255
  13. Fished out of my private lodge and boat launch this morning and went to the same gps mark i fished last friday and saturday and the fish were still there. I figured with all the rain and cooler temps this week they would not got far. Dropped lines at 7 and were back at the lodge at 10 with a 2 man limit of eyes. Same program as last week light bouncers 20 to 30 off the boards at 1.7 to 2 mph to keep them above the weeds. Only caught 4 small sheapheads which is nice not having to deal with catfish. Same colors as last week never changed a crawler harness. The eyes today were 17 to 20 inchers with only one fish over 21 inches.
  14. Well had a very interesting morning, hit a 6 point buck on my way up to my lodge saturday morning roughly at 630 a.m. Took out most of my driver side front end. The buck had two broken legs and was suffering so i called a police officer to dispatch it. An hour later he showed up and shot the deer which i took gutted and skinned and hung in my walk in freezer. It was light raining with storms passing on the east and west sides of sebewaing but nothing out over the water from my lodge so we loaded the boat and got ready to hit the water 3 hours after hitting the deer. The spot that we are fishing is just on the other other side on the island chain is straight out from my lodge in rose island which is 3 miles north of sebewaing. We got out there and it was 2 to 3 footers out of the sse got on the gps marks and started filling the box. The wind switched to the sw and started blowing upwards of 25 mph, waves building to 4 footers we drifeted with the waves under no power with the boards out moving 1.3 to 2.6 with the waves. We used no plastic today just 3/4 oz bouncers 20 to 33 off the boards. Good colors seem to been chartruece with orange firetiger and bright pink. We hit our 2 man limit again of mostly eyes 17 to 20 inches but had one 24 and one 26. With the cooler weather coming the fish will hold on these weed beds. Got back to the lodge at 1 and had fresh walleye and fresh venison backstraps on the grill. Another great two days of fishing on the bay, im usaully done walleye fishing by now and chasing salmon and getting my blinds and decoys ready for the upcoming duck/goose charter season on the bay, but with the fish that close its hard to turn down just one more limit.
  15. Fished this morning out of my lodge just north of sebewaing. I only had to work 4 ten hour days this week so i got home late last night from south haven where i have been working the last month. We have been doing great on salmon after work in my buddies boat that i stay with during the work week. We fished 10 to 14 fow of water off the back of defoe island trolling tots and crawlers on light bouncers over top of the weed beds. Dropped lines at 600 and were back to my private boat launch at 900 with our two man limit. Heres what worked tots at 15 to 22 off the boards and crawlers 14 to 25 off the boards with 3/4 0z bouncers trolling 1.7 to 1.9. Also picked up 2 very large northern pike the one pushing the 40 inch mark so that was interesting. The walleye were 17 to 23 inches. I will be back on the water first thing in the morning. We only burned 2 gallons of gas for this trip and a dozen crawlers so very light on the wallet. Most trips this season have cost less than 20 to 25 dollars a trip, some trips only costing 15 bucks for steady limits of eyes hence the name cheap limits.