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  1. Caseville-pt.austin 6-18 6-19

    sweet the entire inner bay is still red hot but it's that time of year that I move deep and Chase the big girls
  2. fished in between caseville and pt.Austin very early Sunday and Monday mornings. Sunday we dropped lines at 545 am and pulled lines at 10 with 17 big walleye from 5 to 9 pounds would have loved to stay and fish our 3 man limit but we all had father day plans. Monday dropped lines at 545 again straight out from pt.Austin bteakwall hit the marks from Sunday picked up 6 right away then nothing.Made a 6 mile run towards caseville and set up in 35 fow out from a big reef system and boxed 18 big walleye for our 24 fish limit and was back to dock at 11. We fished anywhere from 17 to 45 fow running crawlers on the bottom and reef runners 40 to 70 off the boards.Our down rods were 2 and 3 colors of leadcore with harnesses and we could not keep them in the water. Big walleye was 9.3 pounds we also landed and released a 19 pound lake trout everything trolled slow at 1.2 to 1.4.
  3. sebewaing 6-16

    very very nice the bay is hot getting ready to moved my rig to caseville for the second half of summer to chase big walleye
  4. Fished out of sebewaing yesterday straight out from the last buoys in 13 to 16 fow trolling a mix of hot n tots and harnesses. We picked up a 24 fish limit of some very chunky walleye. It started off kinda slow just picking up a few fish to start with until we hit a big weed bed with some good structure about a mile north of the buoys. The action really picked up with several doubles and triples I set a mark we made two short passes and were done. Here's what worked blue and silver black and silver and green and silver tots 30 to 45 off the boards.Firetiger and blueberry muffin harnesses with 1.5 oz bouncers 25 to 40 off the boards everything ran at 1.7 to 1.9 water temp of 70.
  5. BAY IS ON FIRE Saginaw bay is absolutely on fire right now and fast limits are common. We dropped lines this morning at 730 on the bar in 14 to 16 fow straight out of Thomas marina. We were back in with a 24 fish limit by noon we released a dozen 14 to 17 inch walleye keeping all 18 to 25 inch fish for a very nice cooler full we also had two big perch. We trolled a little faster today to keep the farm animals off the lines. We ran 1.5 oz bouncers 35 to 45 off the boards at 1.6 to 1.8. any color harnesses. Lots of buddies in same area many boats limited before it got windy very very very good fishing.
  6. Saturday on the Bay

    walleye for several weeks while trolling for salmon and trout
  7. Saturday on the Bay

    yup salmon setups for walleye in June it's crazy I usually start fishing big charity to pt hope in late June through the middle of August. They have been consistently catching big
  8. Saturday on the Bay

    nice fish great table fair the bay is just loaded with 13 to 18 Inch fish no matter where u go it seems. I Fished a walleye tournament out of Elkton yyesterday with my two handicapped friends and the top 10 teams fished pt.Austin to harbor beach in 50 to 100 fow of water trolling salmon setups with standard size spoons off rivers leadcore and copper and had a 7 pound average on eyes plus several boats had steelhead Lakers coho and Chinook so that's where all the big girls are.
  9. bay 6-2 6-3

    bay 6-2 6-3 Fished Friday and today with two gentleman in wheelchairs and just destroyed the fish. Launched the boat at bayshore marina in bay port Friday morning and headed out to the sand point buoys which goes from 20 fow to 5 fow in a quarter mile. That deep slot was just packed with walleyes in the good eating category, 14 to 20 Inchers.We boxed a 3 man limit both days in short order. These guys just had a blast and can't wait to go again which will be very soon. We landed over 40 keepers each day releasing anything under 14 inches and yes there were many many fish under 14 inches. Ran crawlers on the bottom at 1.3 to 1.7 any color harness.
  10. Nice job on the eyes mike I know u sometimes cross the bay to my side and fish the slot just wanted to let u know the action couldn't get any more fast or
  11. slot 5-28

    slot 5-28 Dropped lines at 730 this morning and was back to dock with a two man limit of very good eating walleyes at 940. Fished the same general area just a little north of the GPS marks from yesterday. Here's what worked 1.5 oz bouncers 35 to 40 off the boards at 1.3 to 1.6 just about any color harness u got. Best depth seemed to be 18 feet.
  12. slot 5-27

    slot 5-27 Dropped lines at 10 this morning was back to dock at 1215 with nice two man limit of eyes. We fished 18 fow in the slot straihht out from sunset bay marina. WE ran 1.5 oz bouncers 40 off the boards at 1.4 to 1.6 mph just about any color harnesss. No junk fish at all which was nice but about 200 boats.
  13. slower day on the bay

    I'm moving to the south end of the slot next trip
  14. slower day on the bay dropped lines at 1 this afternoon out of qsea in 4 to 8 fow first thing I noticed is that the water had cleared up a lot which in not good in very shallow water. It was slow till we finally found some stained water picking up 14 nice eyes 4 of which were over 23 inches two big northerns and three big perch. We were going to pick up and head to the slot but the wind switched and kicked up so we just pulled lines at 6 and headed in. All fish we're csught in 4 to 6 fow just west of the buoys best color was firetiger couldn't go any slower than 1.7 forgot the drift sock
  15. very skinny water 5-15

    I will be back on the water Saturday