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  1. Jason has not visited the site in a few years. You may try messaging him, ans see it that works.
  2. Nice to here you are progressing well Frank. Happy New Year.
  3. Keep in mind, Flasher/fly combos, as well as plugs like shorter leads (10-15').
  4. At the end of every usage, tilt the motor up, than back down. that will help drain all the water out of the heads. Hit the starter for a quick moment, and that will spin the remainder of water out of the water pump. Other than that, you should be good.
  5. Eating fish increases the good cholesterol's in your blood. Very good for your heart, helps to keep you thin, and is loaded with protein.
  6. Welcome aboard. We look forward to your results.
  7. To encourage the return of tags, some pay dividends. I'm not sure on the percentage. I turned in 3, and one payed me back. I no longer remember the amount.
  8. It's always fun catching tagged fish. I've gotten 3 in Muskegon, and one was a pay back fish. Great job on the tagged fish Frank. You deserve it.
  9. I simply fillet them out (skin and all) dip them in egg, shake them in drakes, fry them at 400 deg (electric fry pan in the garage) in Canola oil, and chow them down.
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