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  1. Thanks Cadillac Grills for the surf report. Now I've got the itch.
  2. Good to know Three Dogs. My boat is in storage already. Frankfort's my home port though, might keep it out a little longer next year. Hope to get out on the pier or surf a bit.
  3. Thanks CJ. Yes, there are a lot of innovated cart ideas out there. I almost built one instead of buying. I think anglers are the worlds best inventers. We probably wouldn't even have boats if it weren't for fishing.
  4. Decided to try fishing off the north pier this morning. Ziltch! Fished spawn off three rods from 6:15 am until 10:30 am. Occasionally I'd pull one of the baits and cast a spoon. Saw some guys fishing the beach, didn't see where they caught anything either. Saw some big fish cruising along the breakwall, brought the baits in closer. Stiff southwest wind with waves breaking well over the south wall. Water seemed warm an the weather was fair. Got to try out my new fishing cart. Loved being able to take out a chair and other amenities with almost no effort. Sent from my moto z4 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  5. Just wondering, when you run the snap on type weights with weighted line, do you put it on leader end near lure, or rod end on backer? I've just started running lead line and have played with snap weights a couple times. Sent from my moto z4 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  6. Great report. Had to laugh at beginning as I have done remote meetings from the boat here in Frankfort. Thanks for the detailed information. Sent from my moto z4 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  7. My brother in law gave me several old handmade salmon rods out of Fenwick blanks. The ferrules are metal and the male end has an o-ring. I can't get them to go together easily. I have lightly sanded with emery cloth, cleaned, looked for dings and nicks. I believe the o-ring is the problem. My question is are these rings typically greased with something? To me that would go against all fishing rod logic as I would be afraid it would attract sand or dirt and really make them stick. But, I've never owned a rod with o-rings either.
  8. I'm looking at replacing two mismatched dipsy rods. Right now I have one 10' and one 8' Browning probably 20 years old. Is the rule of thumb for dipsys the same as downrigger rods - you can go cheap on rods and spend more on reels? Or is there merit to spending more on a dipsy rod? I've been out of this type of fishing for a bit. Got back into it last year. This year I went to braid, not sure the Browning Silflax even has the proper guides. Was looking at Okuma classic glt dipsy rods in either 10' or 10-1/2' because of price ($38). Not sure if Ugly Stik makes one or how their action is for this application.
  9. Thanks! I fished out of an 18' aluminum for a lot of years. I learned to pick my days. I can relate. Went a little bigger with a glorified 20' walk around last year and it makes me feel a little better going out. Still don't care to fish when it gets past a certain point. Fell in the boat and bruised my side a few days ago when it was extra choppy. You're not too far south of me. I love this whole side of the lake actually.
  10. That makes sense about the split ring part. I thought that was a nice feature but I do have stand alone split ring pliers in my bag. Plus it isn't often I have to use them immediately. Like, I broke a hook off a treble on Thursday landing a big salmon, but the bite was on and I wasn't about to mess with putting on a new hook. I just switched to another spoon that color and got the line back down. Thanks for answering both of my posts.
  11. Hey there everyone. Looks like a great forum and looking forward to browsing past posts as well as new. I live in Northern Michigan's Benzie County and my home port is Frankfort. Besides chasing salmon and trout Spring through Fall, I love to hunt deer from bow to muzzleloader season. Somewhere in December or January it's time to hit the ice for panfish and walleye. I just love the variety of outdoor opportunities we have. Never a boring moment. Thanks for the add.
  12. Just joined and this looks like a really informative forum. Glad to be a part of it. I've been looking on line at fishing pliers and wondering if anyone has a pair they really like. I've always just used needle nose up until my buddy sent them over the side of the boat. In googling to order a new pair, I see a lot of pliers made for anglers. I like the ones with built in split ring tips, lanyard and case (buddy proof), and other than that just get hooks out and maybe cut braid. Would like them strong enough to get big hooks out of salmon. Any of you have a brand you cant live without?
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