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  1. Thanks for the report. What a crazy thing to happen. I usually replace my hooks with better quality ones, but never gave a thought to the rings. Sent from my moto z4 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  2. Great report. Nice steelhead. It has been a while since I caught one of those. Heading out in morning. Tight lines. Sent from my moto z4 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  3. My only glitches with it are the top speed is one mph faster when trolling and 10 mph faster when running. I hope to be able to calibrate that. Couldn't get it to calibrate on the trailer, so maybe it has to be in water. If not I have that info on my graph. I didn't have a good spot for the transducer to mount, so it might be affected being in between the trolling and main motor. Good luck Clyde.
  4. Scuba, I know right? I talked to two guys today who went out Sunday evening, three guys in the boat brought in four kings. The clincher is they said they were in around 220 fow, and all of them came from the top 40-50'. The fish are really scattered apparently. Once the water stratifies I think we are going to have a really good year. Good luck, hope to see you out there sometime. Sent from my moto z4 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  5. Fished 6/18 from about 6:45 am to 8:15 am and got one king, 17.5#. It was my nephew's first time salmon fishing and he was pretty happy to bring in such a nice fish. The water was pretty rough for a first timer but we ran a few miles north and set up trolling back with the waves to make things easier. I got 5 lines set and took the wheel back to think about whether I wanted to try setting a board out or another diver for the sixth line. Checked the speed at the ball, 2.3, and temp was 47ish at 60 down. My center rigger was set at 110' in 220 fow, as I noted a couple of marks at that depth prior to dropping lines. Now at the wheel, I saw most of the marks at 60' and 80', so I stepped back to the center rigger to raise it up to 80'. After bringing up the rigger, I started to reel in the slack line, but after a couple of turns, the rod bent over and the drag screamed. Handed it to my nephew and schooled him on bringing in his first king. The only fishing he did before this was trolling for pike with another uncle 12 years ago at age 17. It was a special moment. The fish hit on a Salmon Candy vegan rig - Mercy UV, trailed behind a silver Kingfisher flasher with a chartreuse stripe. I was trying to reset the rig when my nephew yelled from the wheel he was going to be sick. The wind had picked up quite a bit more so we called it. The next day, 6/19, my nephew had to leave as it was father's day. So took my buddy out for a few hours and got him into a 23 # king. What a difference one day can make. The water was flat, but after a couple days of hard north winds, the water was 44° at 50 down. This is like my third time out with the Fishhawk, so still trying to get used to it and apply it. Like, I know salmon like 54ish and will come out of their comfort zone, but I saw marks at 40, 50, 60 and 80 in 150ish fow, so still set lines to what I saw on the graph. After a bit I moved everything up to the 40-50 range as those were the predominant marks, but still couldn't buy a bite. Running the same program as day before, with the exception of putting out a three color on a board just because everything was up so high. The other lines were running off three riggers with two flasher/flies and a spoon, and two wire slide divers - one with flasher and the other a spoon. At 8 am the port diver woke us up. It turned into at least a 20 minute fight. Right off the bat the king tangled with the three color and I reeled in the slack while my buddy fought the fish, until I could bring it in and untangle everything. The 23# king hit on a Moonshine fly with a glow in dark willow blade, trailed behind a blue Salmon Candy flasher (can't remember the name). We put four hours in and only one fish. As an after thought I wish I'd have run everything up even higher. The slide diver was out 70' on counter and #2 setting. It also had the magnum kit. Back at the dock, both days, the gal running the launch said nobody else brought anything in. There were very few boats though, both days. Probably because of weather and then being Father's day. Tight lines folks. Sent from my moto z4 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  6. Will do. I just strung some 400' yesterday. Might be a challenge around other boats but I usually avoid the pack when I can.
  7. Well I didn't get up at 3:45 a.m. like I wanted to, but I did get lines in the water by 7:00. Got a nice 21# king and lost a smaller one at the boat. The one I got hit on a bigger Agent Orange Moonshine spoon down 80' on the rigger. The one I lost (coho I think) was my first hit on the new weighted steel line I'm trying this year. It was 200' w/s off a planer, pulling a Salmon Candy UV blue flasher with a bluish Moonshine fly w/blue glow blade. I set lines in 110 fow out front of the harbor and stayed pretty much between that and 130'. The hits were in 120' and 125'. I noticed the temp was around 50-51° at 75'. Yesterday, when I trolled north, it was only mid 40s to about 60 down. Again, a lot of dead baitfish floating. Tried one on a meat rig for a half hour or so but switched to a spoon after I got the king. It got windy and I pulled lines at 9:45. It felt good to get the skunk out of the box this year. Sent from my moto z4 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  8. So far I like it. I never did use copper. I got out of salmon fishing for a number of years, so I went from leadcore of yesteryear straight to weighted steel. I actually still use leadcore too. So far I only have a 200' and 300' weighted steel, but will be stringing up a 400' today. The hardest part is learning how to tie the steel into braid and mono. After trying the termination kit they sell (junk imo), and several other methods, I finally came upon a system I like. I start by running a 50' fluorocarbon leader 25# test to the steel. I use high vis yellow braid backer (65#), with a 15' or so section of mono for clipping the board on. I went with a technique which gives me 100% knot strength on the entire line and no giant knots to catch on the guides. I love it. The steel is terminated to the mono and braid using a Daho needle and hollow braid. You can Google a YouTube video on this. I will have to look up the knots I used for braid to mono for 100% strength (break tested by IGFA if I recall correctly). I can elaborate more and look up links if you have questions, but my breakfast just got here. Lol Sent from my moto z4 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  9. Oh boy, I hope that doesn't happen. I've watched a few videos, some say it matters how you wrap the line. I don't know. I still have the off shore releases if I have problems. I just want the front one to release so I'm not fighting the board when switching lures or bringing in fish. I've done it both ways though. Good luck to you Jason.
  10. No fish this morning but I gathered enough information to post a little report, maybe help someone planning to fish this area. I started out a bit late and didn't get lines set until about 7:30 am. This was only my third time out this year and the main purpose was to try out and tweak some new equipment. I marked good numbers of fish and there were a lot of dead baitfish floating on the surface. I ran two downriggers with an Agent Orange Moonstone spoon on one, and flasher/fly on the other. Tried Kev gf with a green fly for a while and then a blue combo Salmon Candy rig. Marked a lot of fish in the 40'-50' depths, enough worth mentioning at 80', and a few down over 100'. There were also spurts here and there at 20-30'. Started in about 120 fow and headed north into over 200 fow. I marked fish pretty much everywhere. Even on a big turn which took me out to 300+ fow. I had two new reels set up with weighted steel line, 200' and 300', which I took turns putting out with different flasher/flies, and spoons. No hits, nothing. Fished until 10:45. When I got back to the launch a boat came in with four people and they had four kings. The most I could get out of them is the fish were real deep. One guy mentioned 110'. Funny, I always am pretty free with information when someone asks. Not sure why some guys act like you're going to fish the lake out if they share something. Ego I guess. Anyway, I had fun and that's what counts. It was the first run with my new Fishhawk so I was getting that figured out. Also bought some big boards for the weighted steel and was playing with the tension setting on the Sam's pro releases. Looks like a decent forecast for tomorrow so I plan to hit the water earlier in the morning. I'll post if I manage to get anything. Sent from my moto z4 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  11. Give me a tell when you come up. I'll share any info I have at that time.
  12. Great report Dan. Good to hear so many kings being caught. Hoping they are doing as well in Frankfort soon. Sent from my moto z4 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  13. Great report Megabyte. When you get a chance, tell me more about that fishing log. Is that a phone app or computer chart you made up? Looks pretty cool Sent from my moto z4 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  14. Good to know. No tips on Ludington. I live up by Frankfort and am more familiar with that. I eventually want to trailer down to Manistee and maybe Ludington a bit more in the future though and learn those ports as well.
  15. Awesome report. I plan on ordering a fishhawk this week, so that's good information for me. Which model did you get, X4? The fish seem pretty deep already. Thanks for info.
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