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  1. Planning a late fall walleye trip back to the Monroe area. Just starting to put feelers out there for the right time in the fall. When we make it back there I'll post the report good or bad. Rudey
  2. Aaron,have a great hunting season. Thanks for this springs Erie info for the Monroe,Mi. area, the Red Roof Inn worked out fine. I was just thinking about a fall trip there and wondering what a good time (date) would be? Rudey
  3. Dave, Thanks for the southend report. Another reason I'm glad your here now. Rudey
  4. Welcome Al, all the guys here are more then willing to help anyone, and no question is considered dumb or goes unanswered. Rudey
  5. Welcome Dave, I think it's great having you and Ryan here. Now there is one less site I have to check on. Rudey
  6. Jay, Love the dog pics, I had to put my black lab Merlyn down 6-20-2012. There is no replacing a good friend. Hope you have many more great hunts togather with yours. Rudey
  7. NO FISH is worth your life. Prayers to the families. Rudey
  8. Welcome Pat. A lot of great guys here willing to help you out. Rudey
  9. Thanks to everyone for their response. I'm going with the 124mm in green and black colors. Rudey
  10. I am adding 2 more rods to my collection. I currently run 6 rods total each time out for 2 fishermen. I am set up with 4 riggers, 2 out the back and 4' booms off the sides. We also have run sliders and stackers as well as lines off walleye planer boards. I thought I might add a couple of diver rods. I bought 2 Heartland 9'6" dipsey rods. My question is "what size walker divers shoud I get....107 or 124?" All my fishing is on the south end of Lake Michigan in 40-105 FOW. Thanks for any help. Rudey
  11. Welcome Dave, I try to log on daily and learn somthing new each time. Who said old dogs can't learn new tricks! Rudey
  12. Somtimes it pays to buy US made & serviced. I bought a B J Gadabout & had to replace the reel 3 times! So I decided to e-mail B J telling them they had a problem with the reels breaking at the handle bolt. A week later I received a call from them telling me their supplier was using substandard material in the Lexan. To my surprise they sent me a new reel. They are also sending me the new upgraded version when it becomes available. All at NO COST to me. I did not ask for, or expect anything from my letter to them but it was very appreciated. Thanks Big Jon Sports!!! Rudey
  13. I'm going on my 3rd lexan reel, they keep braking at the reel handle. I have them going out the back of my Lund 1800. I try to be as careful as possible.I am using a 6Lb ball. Has anyone else had this problem or is it something I'm doing wrong? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. At $40.00 a wack including shipping,it's not getting cheap! Thanks, Rudey
  14. I heard that a 50/50 mixture of reg. listerine and water helps when you spray the boat. I have it made up, but have not tried it yet. Planning on getting out this week. I'll let you know how or if it works. Rudey
  15. I can't believe no one answered Here Fishie Fishie's ? I was wondering the same thing? Rudey
  16. Welcome. Ron, Looking forward to your reports, the more the better. Rudey
  17. Welcome Chuck, enjoy every minute of life you can. Rudey
  18. Welcome to the site, and thanks for the great post. Rudey
  19. Last week when we were out in the Brest Bay area the weeds were really bad, will it clear up any or get worse as the year goes on? Rudey
  20. Just got back last night, fishing was tought silvers & sheephead plentiful. Worked in front of the park out to 21 fow. Marked alot of fish,largest eye was 5.50lbs 26in. Had lines set from 10 down to bottom, mixed set up Reef Runners to crawler harnesses, caught fish on everything. Weather was great,ramp wasn't, crowded we were there from the 22nd to 24th. Had a good time and plan on going back again this year maybe more then one more time. Rudey
  21. Thanks for sharing the info. We will be there from the 22nd thru 24th. I will definitely take the coordinates with us. Rudey
  22. Heading up next week for a few days of trolling for eyes. We are not meat hunters looking to fill the cooler, just hoping to maybe hook a nice one or two and have good time trying to catch eyes instead of salmon. What VHF channel is most used in that area? Thanks Rudey
  23. Sorry for your loss,but I'm sure you have many memories to reflect on. Rudey
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