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  1. May sound crazy butt, I'm thinking there's open water, walleyes should be active. With that said weather looks good this mid week for a few days. So my question is are the ramps open at Sterling Park & is the channel ice free? If open, what would your thoughts be on fishing walleyes from a BOAT in January? Just trying to save a 5 hour drive, just to turn around and go back home. Thanks for any help. Rudey
  2. What a relief, I thought I was the only one with that problem! Thought my computer was trying to find it's way back home. Rudey
  3. I was mostly curious what they were used for. They were in a box with 4- 124 Walker deeper divers w/snubbers, 15- L J Dodgers, 6- Jet divers sz. 20,30&40, asst. flies & 4 Bomber lures. All like new, a lot of BPS tags. I totaled up over $300.00 worth of stuff for $35.00. Yes it has had a "little" use but not much, paint & hardware still in tack. Doesn't make me cry as loud when I lose something at that price. Rudey
  4. gmfishon, just what I was thinking. They almost remind me of the way we connected our diver decoys to the main line. Just need to remove the hook and add a decoy. Thanks for the replies. Rudey
  5. I just bought a box lot of salmon gear at an auction, several useful items ie: dipseys, spin doctors, jet divers, flies & ect. The question I have there was 20 of these set ups also in the box, and I have no clue on how & what to use them on or with. Any suggestions, Thanks Rudey
  6. RIP Robin. I thought he was one of BEST funny men. Rudey
  7. Glad your back on the water and sounds like the boat is running fine again. Plus Thanks for the report, sure miss not getting over there this spring, maybe a late fall trip may be in the plans. Rudey
  8. Good Luck on getting it fixed. I'm looking forward to your walleye reports on Lake Erie. Rudey
  9. Been trying to get out, but with strong winds, yard work, Grandsons soccer games, honeydo's and my fishing partners on vacation and the other having surgery, it's not happened. This weeks weather report doesn't look to good either. I still enjoy the south end reports! Thanks Rudey
  10. Good Luck on doing what you want! We (the wife & I) have been retired 4 1/2 years and things seem to be more time consuming then before we retired. I barely have time to cut the grass. Don't get me wrong we are enjoying every minute of it. Congradulations and ENJOY LIFE!! Rudey
  11. Good Luck Aaron! Hope to get over there soon. My fishing partner is having prostate surgery on Monday or we would be at the Red Roof Inn in a couple of weeks. Rudey
  12. Went 3 for 6. Mouth of the Ditch to the west wall of the Port in 20 FOW. Best bait Little Cleos 7ft. doww on DR. Rudey
  13. Glade to hear some Cohos are moving around the mouth area. Congratulations to the kids! Rudey
  14. Jason, I went out of the Portage Indiana Marina.The launch, ramp and the ditch were fine there was no ice in those areas. Rudey
  15. Matt, the ice had pretty much broke up there were still several large chunks floating out in the lake not too far off shore just had to be careful and watch were you were going. Rudey
  16. My son and I got out today and found some cohos at USS Lighthouse. It took 30 to 40 min. to get our limit!
  17. I got a jump start ( got bored ), already washed, waxed the boat, motor and trailer. Replaced the trailer bearings, races, seals and bearing buddies. Plus repacked with new waterproof grease. Cleaned out the inside of the boat & glass. Relocated a locator from the bow area to the port side dash. Cleaned the electrical terminals, labeled inline fuses, tied up all wiring with cable ties. Removed & replaced fuel & water separator filter, also re-primed new filter. Also finished cleaning out tackle boxes & re-spooled & checked reels & rods. Things to do yet, test run the motor at home not at the ramp on the first time out for the year. Replace non-slip strips on trailer fenders. Then I need to FISH FISH FISH!!!!! Rudey
  18. This is what the ramp at the Portage Marina looked like on Sunday 2-16-14 Rudey
  19. Yes it was, we were working that area and the Inland wall. Rudey
  20. Here's a photo I found while looking at all the snow!!
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