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  1. I got a guy already who wants to buy them. Ill post whats left next week. but its going fast.

  2. I am interested in the Mag Spoons if available. Could you send me photo with that you have? [email protected]

  3. all rods are listed and priced to sell as pairs for the price listed. so $100 for both
  4. I no longer have a big lake boat so this is a list of what's for sale. 1) tackle box of coho lures. thinn fish and hot n tots. 37 in all. $100 1) tackle box of 8" flashers and flys. 14 in all. $100 1) tackle box of regular size spoons, stinger mainly. 50 in all.$75 1) tackle box of mag size spoons. 30 in all. $75 1) tackle box of 10" flashers and dodgers. 14 in all.5 meat rigs. $75 1) tackle box of J Plugs. 15 in all. $50 1) Vector triple rod holder for divers.$50 RODS- all come with line on them 2) okuma 8'6 blue diamond wire dipsey rods with roller guides $100 2) 10' wicked sticks with magda 30 reels spooled with braid. $75 2) 8'6 downrigger rods and reels. $50 2) 8'6 classic pro copper rods. magda 45dx reels.10 colors lead core.$80 2)9'6 rods with magda 45dx reels. 5 colors of leadcore.$75 2)8'6 rods with magda 30 reels and 2 colors of leadcore.$75 1) 10' rod with magda 45dx reel and 8 color of leadcore. $40 plus hooks, flys,leaders,dipsy's, slide divers. ect. I live in the kalamazoo area. thanks for looking
  5. You can also use the spring from the pen if you loose the original one
  6. I found that the inside of a ball point pen will work to replace the broken pin by just cutting it to length and crimping it so the spring clip stays on. And putting alittle tape on the end to grab when you want to release the board. This fix can be done on the water if you need to. Sorry but dont know how to post pics. With my phone
  7. How many of you replace your hooks on flies and spoons?And if so with what?
  8. Great story, boating can suck sometimes.
  9. Thanks guys, Its a omc stringer drive i think after looking at somr pics on google. What outdrive do you recommend?
  10. Went to look at an 86 starcraft Islander that a buddy wants to buy. It has a inline 4 cylinder omc with a omc outdrive i have never seen before. The outdrive had a big rubber boot between the motor and outdrive , amd the motor had a trim motor on the front in addition to the power trim. Anywon know much about these ? Why two power trims ? Any pros or cons? Omc any good?
  11. Sweet! Heading to the show in G.R today. So ill look for some. After watching the salmon showdown i noticed alot of fish were caught on white paddles . Anyone know of a good way to ajust the leader legth of a fly? My flies are set up for 8 inch spin doctors, not 11 inch pro troll?
  12. I only have about a dozen 8 inch spin doctors and a couple tin cans. Wondering what you guys like so I can add somemore to my collection.
  13. No, its not on lake michigan, its 25' ,260hp,autopilot,rocketlauncher,rod holders,ect. 3 hr drive from my house so i wanted some imput before i make the drive.
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