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    I have been fishing since a little boy, grew up trout fishing in pa started lake fishing 10 yrs ago
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    Brighton, mi
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    Fishing, hunting, flying planes, carpentry
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  1. I am looking for a weekend deck hand / first mate spot anywhere from monroe, mi to cleveland, oh. It can be regular or just as a fill in when needed. I have my own personal boat but want to gain experiance and knowledge. I have 5 years of walleye fishing experiance and am familiar with big boards, in lines, dipsys, jets, spoons, spinners and crank baits. I have fished them all. I have used mono, braid and leadcore and know how to tie and rig them all. I would like a captain that will document my time on the water so it will qualify with the coastguard for future licensing purpouses. I am good at cleaning fish as well. I love to learn new things and am open to new styles and technics. I am reliable and if i say i will be there i will be there. I love to fish and be on the water and help others do the same. If you know anyone looking please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  2. Went out at 8 am caught my limit on spinner harnesses color was purple, perch and clown with 2 oz bottom bouncers. Straight out along the ohio border in 23 to 25 foot water. I used a new product i found to tip the harnesses that worked great, it is called slimmers in 4" and 6" length. I matched the color of the slimmer to the color of the harness. I used brown, white, chartruse, and purple caught fish with all colors. Also caught 2 catfish and some yellow perch. Had 6 throw backs all 14" looks good for next year.
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