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  1. Had a wonderful week with friends:thumb: and was able to make it on the water all week. Went 21 out of 25 with a mix of atlantics , kings, lake trout and pinks. they seemed to hit on anything we threw out ...except spinner and fly... what a nice area to fish.. did get messed up with a submerged net by frying pan island, but that was the only mishap... looked for the addict but we must have missed him .. We will make our way back here again.:thumb:
  2. I hope so....headed up there the week of the 15th. Dnr report said some have shown up.
  3. Looks like it was a nice day out there......cant wait....thanks for the report .
  4. Always off....and remove lateral line.. for everything.
  5. Headed up 16or17 till the 20 or21st....depends on the weather... usually to many people in the piers for me...at least the few times ive been there...lol
  6. Heading to Frankfort next week..anybody doing any good? Havent seen many reports from up there lately...any help would be appreciated ......Thanks
  7. Yep you can put in at the montague city launch then head across white lake. Then I usually head north of the pier and stay away from the nets.... BUT...you might see some massive globs of sailboats on your way back in.. they love to put their big bouys across the channel....
  8. Hey Roger you made me mad today too.........you were fishing and I was working!!!!!!! .lol
  9. Ive got a trolling plate, still hard to steer,but been thinking about the bags.....do they get in the way at all when your bringing in a fish??
  10. My Grady White is like that too...trolling and no wake speeds....
  11. Made it out fri. pm searched around had one on a big paddle and fly but line broke and lost everything .. Went out Sat morn.....tried in the crowd but could not catch a fish until we moved out to 140fow then picked away 3for3 and first lake trout .....man they DO stink up a boat:eek:with 2 newbies they were happy, all on blue and green dolphins some uv .. Sun morn the radio was much more pleasant to listen to....a lot of arguing Sat......some nice people out there Sun....set lines where we left off sat and had a newbie hooked up quickly ....had quite a fight while a couple trolled beside us and watched ....once it was netted they were cheering as much as we were.... We stayed in 140fow and went 3 for 5 and some knock offs ...... All but the first fish was on a blue uv on a swr which I just made up before this trip.....thanks to the guys on here.....how many of those do I dare run at one time, it worked for me. One fish on a glow spoon. Cleaned all up and deep fried some yum..... hopefully be back soon. Love seeing that rod go off.
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