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    I am an avid fisherman all Michigan species of fish. I have been a taxidermist for over 30 years.
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  1. Anyone out there ever try brined shiners, or any other type of baitfish caught in local streams, on meat rigs?
  2. Heres a trolling plate you won't bend. I bought it online from "Johnson Marine Products" delivered to my door for $129.00. No release mechanism to deal with. 1/4 in. steel plate.
  3. I bought this trolling plate from "Johnson Marine Products" last year for my Islander. Ordered it off their web site. shipped to my door for $129.00. You won't bend this one. made of 1/4 in. steel. Spring loaded plate, no release mechanism to worry about.
  4. I have uploaded images into the gallery ok, but when I try to copy the bb image code it won't let me copy it. I highlight the code, the as soon as I right click, it un-highlights it and dosen't give me a copy option. Any suggestions.
  5. Anchor system looks like a neat item for your boat. I was fishing Lake Simcoe for perch a month ago, and tried fishing out of a kyak for the 1st. time. My fuel pump went out on my 17 ft. Sea nymph the 2nd. day we were there. My stepson was camping with us, and had his kyak with him. He offered it to me, to try out, so I used it to fish perch and it worked great. I used a small folding anchor, and also did some drift fishing out of it. Saved my fishing trip for sure. Would love to hook into a king salmon while fishing in one of these little boats. Bet it take you for quite a ride!
  6. Thanks to all for the input. I will check for all possible problems suggested. Hopefully I can provide some useful info for some of you in the future.
  7. I fish out of Muskegon & whitehall , but plan on going to port sheldon sometime this month.
  8. Hello GL fishermen. I came across this site last week, and joined. I have been away from salmon fishing for quite a few years. I fished the big water for many years with my dad, starting back in 1967 when I was 14 yrs. old. He sold his boat in the mid 80's and I have pursued other fish species since then. Last year I bought a 22.5 ft. Starcraft and started fishing salmon again. I am a taxidermist, focusing mainly on fish. Although I maintain a state taxidermy license, and my shop is a registered business, I do a limited amount of commercial work, and don't do taxidermy for a living. I will post some pics later.
  9. I do have a trolling plate that I put on for walleye fishing, its a heavy steel spring loaded plate with a hole in the center, but then it steers even worse. I guess its the small amount of play in the steering cable and my over correcting. Thanks to all that responded.
  10. I don't know if I'm posting on the right forum here, but heres my question. My Islander will not track straight while at trolling speed. It weaves side to side, requiring constant correcting with the steering wheel. There is a small amount of play in the steering, but I don't know if this is the problem. This occurs even when there is no wind. Any ideas on this?
  11. Thanks for the reply. I will be looking for perch.
  12. Going to be staying on the NW side of Simcoe next week. Nav. Card in my gps dosen't cover that far east. Any suggestions on the fishing? I've never been there, but have heard a lot about ice fishing perch there.
  13. Could any other fish be used with success, such as shiners or small suckers? maybe injected with herring oil?
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