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  1. I had a charter that day. The guy never put in his plug and sunk.
  2. Thanks for that Jim. It was a blast fishing with you all the time!
  3. Thanks Matt. Already meeting up with a couple Captins then. And its just a touch early to troll the docks lol
  4. I am feeling better Don. Little bit more each day. Thanks bud!
  5. Hello im looking to first mate as part time/ on call or fulltime for a couple Charter boats this fall. In have 3 years of mating on lake michigan as well as 2 years of guiding waterfowl and charter fishing trips down in Texas. I would like to start down in St Joe and southern ports and willing to go as far north as Ludington. Thank you for your time.
  6. Looking for some gen info on fishing browns and steelies. Planning on a DIY trip in the next week. Not kooking for spots just ice reports and techniques. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks Guys, Here are a bunch from nodak and from earlyer this season here in michigan.
  8. Here is a few of the pics. I have to upload from my camera later today. I just got home last night at 2am. What a great trip!! some vids. (more to come) Not sure if they will work.
  9. Truck is packed and ready to go. I may post a report or 2 from the field if i have service. We will be in South East north dakota in a town called lidgerwood. Catch you all next week. Here are a couple more pics from the past week.
  10. pics from the weekend. I am gettibng ready to walk out the door for an evening hunt. Post reports when i get back or tomorrow before work.
  11. Good luck to all the hunters for the zone 3. Cam is a no go oh well. I will bring my waterproff case this weekend. I will be hunting in the muskegon marsh. Post a report late saterday or earlyer if i have my limit by noon.
  12. Had a great hunt... killed 6 wook ducks, 4 BW teal, 1 red head, and 2 drake mallards between 4 people. Saw over 300 hundred birds. I took a TON of pics but as we where leaving i tripped and drowned my cam! So no pics yet. I have to see if they can be saved. Next hunt is thursday.
  13. Well we saw over 100 geese but all A to B birds and has zero shooting chances... The birds that left my farm pond desides to not fly over our field and took a sse flight vs a nnw that they took the day before. oh well thats hunting.
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