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  1. Welcome Aboard Kevin, You will find a lot of great information here and a lot of very helpful people from all over. Rudey
  2. Makes you wonder if he was the winner or the loser of the fight. Rudey
  3. I thought I needed a bigger boat! Great pictures and congratulations on the fishing or catching. Rudey
  4. Thanks for ALL the suggestions. Even using it to cut auto glass out. I have a brother-n-law who owns a body shop, I might even give him some. Rudey
  5. I changed out my DR cables (4 riggers) and just can't get myself to throw away the old ones. I save way to much stuff. Just can't find a use for the old cable, thought maybe someone here has found a use for them. Any tips or suggestions? Thanks,Rudey
  6. Welcome,plenty of good info found here. Rudey
  7. Thanks for the detailed report! I'm not going to try to get out till the winds settle down and the holiday boaters are gone. Rudey
  8. I agree with Tufwrench, I own the boat go where I want when I want and appreciate the help of someone else going with me.Everyone who has went with me always offers, but after awhile they just give up because they know I will not take anything.but I do understand those that are running larger boats than mine, I'm only running a 18ft Lund with the 115 and a 5 horse kicker so my costs are not as high as some of yours. Rudey
  9. Welcome David, you will get all of your questions answered here. This site has a bunch of great people on it who are very helpful. Rudey
  10. Welcome,you will find alot of helpful people here. Rudey
  11. Congrates! Many more memories to come. From experience enjoy every moment,they grow up fast. Sometimes to fast.LOL Rudey
  12. Thanks for the report. Maybe all the "bad stuff" is out of the way,and it only gets better from here. Good Luck! Rudey
  13. Just do a Google search of Portage IN. Marina. You will get maps and info about the Marina. I use it 90% of the time. They do caution you about low water conditions, but that seems to be everywhere. I have a18ft. Lund Fisherman W/T with a 115 Merc 4-S. Never yet had any problems. Keep trimmed up till you are in the main channel (The Ditch). Launch fee is $10.00 daily. With common sense you will not have any trouble. Fishing Report: Hit & miss,not enough steady weather yet. But cohos and browns are being caught. Just keep a close watch on wind conditions! Hope this helped. Rudey
  14. Welcome Dan, looking forward to more EYE pictures. Rudey
  15. Welcome Captain, another great source! I love this site. Rudey
  16. Welcome Tim, Lots of great advice & help found here. Rudey
  17. Welcome to the "BEST" Outdoor site you will find! Rudey
  18. Welcome. Rob, everyone is ready for spring! Rudey
  19. Great job Matt!! Congratulations. Rudey
  20. Welcome aboard Chris, Great to have more information shared from anyone. Rudey
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