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  1. Welcome aboard! Lots of info found here. Rudey
  2. Welcome aboard. This is one of the friendliest site with the most helpful people anywhere! Rudey
  3. I started here on the south end March 1st. last year. It's not happening this year! Maybe we will get lucky and the water levels will come up. I know alot of guys on the southend are having problems at the ramps. Lets hope for the best,higher water levels,better weather & Great Fishing !! Rudey
  4. Welcome aboard Michael,you will find alot of Great help here. I have. Rudey
  5. So far I have left it on,had people eat my smoked fish for the first time ever. They thought it was great! Even a few were woman,who somtimes can be very picky. But I'm open to try somthing a new way. Rudey
  6. I'm sure this is somwhere in the 20 pages under the search for "Braid". But I was getting cross-eyed reading the searches. So if you guys don't mind another one, here it is. What other uses do I have for my 2 Dipsey rods? Each one is set-up with 25# Big Game backer & 150 yds. of Sufix 30# 832 Braid on 9 ft. Heartland rods. Thanks again. Rudey
  7. Oh well,another good deal I missed on. Thanks for the post anyway. Rudey
  8. Maybe by then I will figure out how to post a picture! Hoping to get my Grandson out this year. Rudey
  9. I'm missing something here. I am due to renew soon,but I clicked on the link and did not find the gift card offer? I did notice a savings of $10.00 for joining now,but no mention of any gift card. Then I searched BPS website and found nothing. Rudey
  10. Good show, it just makes you want to get out! Rudey
  11. Thanks,for everyones help and suggestions. I think I will go with the Dutton-Lainson for a few resons. I will be able to pick one up localy(Cabela's),plus it has a strap vs cable. I know from using cable they can "bite you". When I was still working we used wire rope on tuggers,plus at home I have cable on my truck and Gator winches. The only down side is,it does'nt come with a remote.But I probably would drop it in the water anyway. Thanks,Rudey
  12. With the low water conditions on the south end of the lake (Lake Michigan) I'm finding myself doing alot more cranking to get the boat all the way onto the trailer. So,I figure during the winter months switch over to a power winch. The problem is I can only find two locally. One is available at both Cabela's and BPS. It is a Trac Outdoor Lite-Cruiser Model T10129-S. Reviews on Cabela's is not very good. There are no reviews on BPS website for this unit. Cabela's also carries a Dutton-Lainson brand with no reviews. I was hoping someone here may have a experience with one of these,good or bad. I'm loading a 18ft. Lund WT Fisherman with a 115 Mercury + kicker and gear,people. On a bunk trailer. All under 4000 lb. Thanks for any help,Rudey
  13. Thanks,Loved the mix of different fish. Rudey
  14. Nice catch! I've been wanting to make it back there this time of the year and just can't find time. Go figure I'm retired! Rudey
  15. Definitely one for the wall! Congratulations. Rudey
  16. Been kicking around the same thought for next week. The extened forcast looks favorable, hope you can post some good reports and tips(we need all the help we can get). Rudey
  17. Congrats Aaron!! Enjoy them while they are young,they grow up faster then you think. Rudey
  18. Welcome,Charlie The more info or help we get from anywhere is allways welcomed here,a bunch of GREAT outdoorsmen. Rudey
  19. Thanks Dan. I thought, I may have found the impossible question.LOL Rudey
  20. I have a 2001 Mercury 5hp. 4-stroke,long shaft on my 1800 Lund Fisherman I use as a kicker.The motor came with 2 props. 1 is a 3 bladed 8 3/8" dia. with 3 1/2" wide blades.Stamped on the prop is R6. The other prop is 8" dia. with 2 1/4" wide blades,it also is 3 bladed. Both props are alumn. The second one is stamped 8. My question is which prop would be best for trolling? Thanks for any sugestions. Rudey
  21. Sorry to hear about your BAD run of luck ,or lack of luck this year. I also remember you losing your brother too. I know it dosn't help you any,but the 4 DR weights I bought from you this year worked just great! Hopefully better days & years are coming. Rudey
  22. I have one and love it. Also bought the Mi. chip very useful on Lk Mi. Hook it up to a battery go to simulation mood and play with it all you want, doesn't hurt it at all. Rudey
  23. A good friend of mine was staying at the Red Roof Inn on I-75 Monroe exit. He was set-up with a booth at the Waterfowl Festival. Got up Sun. To find his truck was broke into. The A------- took his toolbox,tent,cooler & duck calls. Also other items his wife said can't be replaced. To make things even worse, got home to find out their son took one of their Labs to the vet and he has cancer. I think he is around 9yrs. old. I know it is a long shot,but if you hear of anything like that being sold or for sale PM me. They may have written on them Kyle Fleming or marked K-Kalls. Thanks for any help. Rudey
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