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  1. Thanks to all! Looks like I will go with 200 ft. of 150 lb. cable and get to try the best of both worlds in weights. Thanks to sherman51 I will be able to try 8lb. balls & 10lb. pancakes. Rudey
  2. Hi guys,been reading & searching the GL forum for a little while and still need more help,I know this is the place! First a little history about me. Started fishing The Pond two years ago out of my buddies boat a 1650 Lund. I bought Walker clamp on D.R.s added rod holders, we were fishing. Didn't do bad on coho,steelhead & a few kings. Well I told my wife bigger is better and safer(for fishing she agreed). So I bought a 1800 Lund Adventure with a 115 EFI & a 5HP 4-s Mercurys. To save a little I got a pair of older 4 foot arm Big Jon manual D.R.s. The clutchs,spools& guide rollers are all in great shape. So here is my ?. Cable size and length,also what ball size? I fogot to add I'm going out of "The Ditch" in Portage,IN and maybe 100 FOW at the most,I know Mi. water. Thanks for any help. Rudey
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