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  1. Somewhat new to DRs, just wondering does it matter if your back riggers run deeper or shallower then the side riggers? I'm running 2 footers out the back & 4 footers off the side 4 total. Rudey
  2. 18ft. Lund,115Merc., 5hp.kicker,25 mile drive one way approx. 15gal every time out. Rudey
  3. Hondam (Ryan),your info was 100% correct. Made the outer wrap to the NMES ground lead off the 788ci firered it up and we have a connection!! THANKS again, Rudey
  4. Thanks Ryan, I will give that a try on monday, if it stops raining I'll pull the boat out and try it out.(they are calling for us to get up to 3in. starting tonight) Rudey
  5. From all the earlier post and other research I just bought the Shakespere 5225xt. From my driveway to the south end of the pond, I'm picking up talk on ch.68. Approx. 20mi. north. Also getting 7out of 10 NOAA channels. Rudey
  6. Ryan, You are correct, it has a outer wire wrap. I just cut it back and used the red covered inner wire. Rudey
  7. Don't be afraid to ask anything, lots of helpful people here. Rudey
  8. I hooked up 3 wires, nema in(radio)to nema out (788),nema out(radio)nema in (788)&ground from 788 to body ground on radio. Rudey
  9. I just bought a new Icom m412 radio and a shakespere 5225xt antenna. My problem is,I'm not getting the reading on the radio when I have one on my Humminbird 788ci. I called Humminbird checked to make sure it was compatible to the radio, it was so I ordered the linking cable. Parts arrived today, no wiring inst. Called again and was told what the 4 wires were,1 +,1 nmea out,1 grnd & 1nmea in. They said do not hook-up the+? Set the 788 to nmea on, no time, no location on the radio, any suggestions? Rudey
  10. If needed you will find lots of good info here. Rudey
  11. Thanks to Steve,Aaron & Matt all the info will be put to use in a couple of weeks! Rudey
  12. Looking for some info on the Mi. side of Lake Erie. Planning a trip to that area around second or 3rd week of May. Dates are flexible, since my fishing partner and I are retired. We want to go during the week in order to avoid the weekend crowds. We really need some info on a good place to stay. Some place that is clean & close to restaurants, and is safe & secure for the boat & equipment. Possibly just a short drive to the boat ramp. I have the Hot Spots map & the Lakemaster chip in my Humminbird, but would appreciate any general fishing info. We fish Lake Michigan regularly for salmon and perch. What type of gear do you recommend bringing? What is the area marked Sub Net Stakes? Can you motor over it? Any and all info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all. Rudey
  13. I have them and also love them, it was suggested to me to use backer plates on the under side of my Lund for extra strength, figured wouldn't hurt. Rudey
  14. Lots of good info and people on here. Welcome David. Rudey
  15. First time out this year kicker wouldn't start put out the sock, brought the 115 down to 1.8 sog. Rudey
  16. Thanks Aaron I will give him a call & see how it goes. Rudey
  17. I have been trying to contact him also. I need two replacement arms for my Lake Masters 2 ft. Long. Wondering if there is another source? Rudey
  18. lesson learned on mine yesterday, don't have unit on when starting main motor. My screen went black & gray with vertical lines and would not power off had to remove from base unit. Hooked back up run fine. Rudey
  19. Just wondering what everyone is thinking? Looks like we may be getting a few nice days in the next week or so. I thought maybe with the warmer winter and a almost ice free lake this year we might get a early start. I know I"m ready to start fishing,just waiting for the boat to get out of the shop. Thanks to ethanol and the previous owner not using any treatment in the fuel. But should be done soon. (I hope) Rudey
  20. Welcome Gerry, lots of great info on here! I may get in touch with you this summer my Father-in-law will be up from Az. and has the same other hobby as you do bagpipes. Rudey
  21. Way to go!!! Hopfully a lot more to come, also love the pics. Rudey
  22. Looking at getting a Lakemaster V2 card of Michigan that includes Lake Michigan. I know we don't have much structure on the south end of the lake but I figured any help could'nt hurt. I have a 788ci. Just wondering is there a better SD card available?
  23. Got mine from sherman51 in great shape for used well worth the money.Thanks again,Rudey
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