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  1. Good catch’s. The wart frog standard size is one of my favorites. I haven’t seen the wart mag before, only the regular frog, which I have. I’ll have to look again next trip north. Don’t know anyone selling them around me anymore. Wish that would change. Dick made some great spoons that flat out catch fish.
  2. Dan - I've found they're out deep in springs with lots of east and north winds like this year. As lake warms early in season, north and east winds prevent nearshore waters from warming earlier than offshore and sometimes the offshore water warms first. However, it is unusual for lakers to move out early, I just don't think we have many of those left in SoHa. My best guess is the one you got was a Wisconsin fish.
  3. Would be awesome to see Cisco return to the west side of the state.
  4. Hard to beat fresh lake trout boiled in salt water with optional shrimp or crab boil mix.
  5. Drum are silver. Pretty good drum fishing there. If you are referring to trout and salmon, it is extremely slow fishing after May. We sometimes find immature trout and salmon out deep after late September, but be careful. Weather changes much more quickly and fall squalls will outrun you.
  6. Fished Friday evening, caught several lakers, one around 8 pounds, the rest under size or just legal (unhooked them in the water, so didn't measure), and a 25 pound chinook. 50 feet of water near bottom, but looks like water has warmed up now
  7. Nice! It's that time of year, time to get eggs for the pier and beach!
  8. Well done. Hoping to be out there this afternoon/evening. I almost always fish solo and landing fish is no problem. Biggest thing to master is boat control, after that it's easy. Have landed many solo doubles on kings and most memorable was about 10 years ago landed a solo triple on kings from 16 to 18 pounds.
  9. For what it's worth, I often fish solo with three rods and prefer to run two riggers. That way I fish five lures (sliders on the riggers) and cover a much bigger portion of the water column. The third rod is copper, lead, flat line, or a diver dependent on how deep the fish are. The riggers are by far the most productive for me. Was 3 for 3 Thursday night (solo) and 5 for 7 (solo) last night with all hits both nights on riggers.
  10. Thanks for all the help folks. I think I'll go with the 55s and 45 lb, although I'll check the dive charts first for the 32 and 45 lb as suggested.
  11. Looking for some help. Should I go with 32, 45, or 60 lb. copper and what is best length? Also thinking about Okuma Convector in either 45 or 55. Is there a preference?
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