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  1. I caught 4 nice eyes and a lake trout Sunday in 15 FOW near the sailboat buoy area. First trout ever on the bay. The big board vs planer issue is real. We even had a big board side (girls) against planers side (guys) of the boat competition, and it was embarrassing. I don't know the answer, but it seemed like the big board has more of a 'herky-jerk' action to the baits, as the tow line slacks, and the fishing line slacks, and then they snap taught. Might explain the better hook sets too. I've only used inline boards.
  2. Great job Ryan. The warm water has sure pushed the fish deep. I'm down in Bay City and the lower bay has small 'eyes, most of the bigger fish are up in the outer bay.
  3. Awesome Luke! I haven't been able to get out yet this year. Nice to know what I am missing :-) Looking forward to pictures.
  4. Thanks again for the update Mike. I didn't get out this year as much as I would like to, as always, but agree that it was and still is a fantastic fishery again this year! Hoping the perch are decent as well. Best of luck on the bruins, and we'll be looking for you in the pages of Woods-n-Water.
  5. Myles, I fish out of the Saginaw River. In the last 5 days, Wednesday we got 9, Thursday 7, Friday 2, Saturday 4 Sunday 10. I normally run to the deep basin between the channel and the Callahan Reef, fishing about 20 - 26 feet of water. The walleye that are still in the inner bay are generally smaller, lots of fish that are legal with the new 13" limit, but not quite 'good eaters' as they filet up rather small. The warm water has driven the big boys deep. If I were you, keep heading north to Tawas.
  6. Great job Luke. We fished out of Bayport last weekend, and still found mainly small fish. Water temp was 70 at the top, so it sure has driven the big fish out deep.
  7. We were at the Ludington Offshore Classic and the Big Boy. Incredible boxes of fish, and of course the 32# King. A charter captain we had gone with previously said the alewives are indeed thick, with each King they hook literally gorged on them. We marked some bait balls on the graph that were really unbelievable. Still a great Lake Trout fishery too. Love Ludington, and the entire Lake Michigan fishery.
  8. I share your opinion of both the Cormorants and the Judge. Thanks again for the update!
  9. Thanks for the report Mike. Deep definitely seems to be the story. This heat will sure drive them from the inner bay.
  10. Jim, Mike Veine is a noted author, hunting and fishing guide. In addition to being kind enough to provide current fishing reports, he drops knowledge in Woods-n-Water on a regular basis. http://www.woods-n-waternews.com/Articles-In-This-Issue-i-2017-06-01-225605.112113-WALLEYES.html Paul
  11. Wow salmon setups for walleye in June? Seems like an early exit from the bay, but maybe that's because there are so many walleye. I saw your post about the slot off Sand Point. We started Sunday in the same 12-14' and only got a few, so we ran up to Nianquin's steep bank and caught a few more. We caught a couple perch Saturday and marked a lot of fish in the middle of the water column that I figured were perch. I love catching walleye but would like to see a healthy diverse population of fish too. We are blessed to have such a great fishery.
  12. Saturday on the Bay My beautiful bride and I set lines in 6-8 ft off the Kawkawlin at 7:30 and caught a nice little eater right away but after 30 minutes of zebras and salad we headed deeper. We set up just south of the dumping grounds and trolled sw on the deep side of a contour line in 12-14 feet of water and picked up 8 more nice eyes and a couple perch. Things slowed about noon and we ran further north to 23' but only got one more for about an hour of fishing. Simple crawler spread on the bottom at 1.5 mph. The huminbird said the water was 64 degrees which I though was surprisingly warm. Great day on the bay. I wanna give a huge shout out to Mike Vein for the water bucket tip with crawlers. Genius, why didn't I think of that. Forever grateful.
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