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  1. appreciate the reply. hopefully the waves calm down coming up so we are able to fish. I will let you know how we did. thanks again.
  2. Going out of Manistee for the week starting tomorrow. Does anyone have any good reports coming out of there any help would be helpful
  3. not much bait but when the sun came down we saw a lot of fish starting to come up from the bottom.
  4. the fishing is starting to get better as the water warming up. we started in 80 fow on a sw troll picking up fish right away but no hits until about 7:30 an hour into it. dypsy 135 back on a Kevins girlfriend with pickled sunshine fly 14.5 pound king. after that about every 20-30 minutes we picked up another fish on rigger 55 down on blue balls meat rig. fished all the way out to 130 fow and ended up 6/8 finished fishing in shallow about 75 fow going on a ne troll. best speed was a little faster for us around 2.6-3.0 fish were in 45-60 feet deep and MEAT was the ticket for us really any color.
  5. started out in 125 fow doing a NE troll. picked up a nice steelhead on 5 color orange crush spoon around 135 fow. got out to about 150 and 5 color went off again orange crush another nice steelhead. turned back on a se troll and picked up another steelhead in about 130 fow 3 setting dypsy 110 back on a orange crush paddle meat rig. nothing really was consistent until we were about 200 yards north of the data buoy we saw a scum line and went for it about 90-100 fow and then everything went. All meat rigs went in all different colors they just wanted meat from 43-51 down. Final fish was we were reeling in our dypsy and about 50 foot behind the boat a king smacked the lure on top of the water reeling it in. craziest thing I have ever saw almost lost the pole and ended up getting him. All really nice fish smallest was about 8 pound steelhead and biggest was 14 pounds so no hogs but good eats 2.2-2.5 at the ball was best. ended 8/9
  6. I use size 107 but make sure your leads from dypsy are far enough. I typically use leader as long as rod so you can still net the fish but regardless what size you use or setting they can mostly get to the same depth. right now fish are in the 50-60 deep range so when you buy the dypsy it should come with a depth range. I'm having good luck on a 3 setting 130-150 back again though I think the farther the lead the better but be careful it's not too long otherwise you will have to hand reel in line which can be more productive catching more fish but you can also lose them by doing that. Hope this helps
  7. Fished last night from 6:00pm-10:00pm. got out of the channel and saw a big scum line and temp change like 8 degrees so we turned around and started in yes 27 fow and headed NW. marked fish but no hits until around 50 fow. rigger on 35 down chartreuse meat rig. Headed west until about 150 fow and did a turn and headed south and got a rip off rigger on chartreuse flasher fly 55 down nice king. minutes later 7 color went off on a do-de-k moonshine 5 pound laker. again minutes later same chartreuse flasher fly went off 53 down nice king. we turned around going back over mark but current wasn't good going north so we should have stayed on the line but oh well. had another rigger go off but nothing there so ended 3/6. not a bad trip when fishing is bad. hope it picks up soon
  8. Not that big but it was my buddies first king around 17-18
  9. Fished from 6-9:30 We went out to and set up deeper in 190 and got two within 30 minutes. 53 down on purple pooter meat rig then 61 down on a really bright yellow chartreuse spoon with red dots mostly NE troll was current then headed in and se was current and had a rip in 163 fow 130 back setting 2 on chartreuse spin doctor meat rig. And in 150 ish rigger 55 down lost on spotted dick. Before dark was in about 95 fow and got one on 128 back setting 3 chartreuse dream weaver then rigger 90 fow uv blue dolphin 45 down. NO ONE was catching anything we just got lucky didn't mark anything so today may be a good day but caught fish in 188 fow 161 fow 150 fow and 90 so there scattered ended up 4/6
  10. Hey I appreciate it bud I will do that might go out Saturday for Father's Day
  11. Wow great report best one I've heard in a while. We're were in too shallow last night in the 175 range going 2/5
  12. Ok guys after last night it was a disaster trying to find were your planer boards are. I have church tackle walleye boards and the bigger t22 church tackle boards. Does anyone know what I can do to lite them up at night and not spending the big bucks for a lot on there website.
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