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  1. Wis. tier would like to know how long the little blue boy fly pattern is used by Ill. fishermen on lake Michigan in the spring and early summer. Lengths of flies? Thanks. Tom.
  2. Don’t fish lake Michigan, but tie a few flies for those that do. Your opinion on fluorocarbon leaders for spring Coho or usually later Kings. Picking the “manure out of the pepper†or a necessary cost to do everything in your power to get an edge? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for your reply Salmon slayer. I like to snell my hooks, treble or offset eye. Do you snell yours or use a standard knot? Any experience with it? Thanks. Tom- Fellow cheesehead from Racine.
  4. Made the "leap of faith" from trebles to singles. Question: What can you live with between Mustad. Gamakatsu, and Owner with the expotential cost involved? I'm speaking about Octopus and 92553's.
  5. What is your favorite 4" trolling fly for Kings that doesn't "imitate" a bait fish. An "attracter" fly, if you wish, that you go to at times. Example: aqua pearl tinsel 5½ turns with a chartreuse tab. Thanks, New member
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