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  1. Good advice I know the few times in the summer I got into the type of water your describing I did manage to catch a few extra browns. I never targeted them but I'm sure with the right approach more could be had where I fish in Ludington.
  2. I fished out of olcott with a friend of mine who lived there in the late 90's to early 2000's and did as well with the early and late bite as we do in Lake Michigan. I believe though we tended to catch more fish out of temperature than I recall doing here.I can't remember the boat name but there was a charter captain name Don who fished there out of a 30ft chris craft just wondering if he is still there. Also used to talk to Bob Cinelli also.
  3. Witchcraft will sell you any of thier tape products they have but you have to buy full rolls.I have bought from them for over 20 years now as just a guy off the street.
  4. I met Ken along time ago at the Micigan Sea Grant meeting in Ludington this man has truely done a great amount of leg work for us to enjoy the great lakes fishery we have.I hope for a speedy recovery and my prayers go out to him and his family.
  5. Blue Fairways shows how on the tournament trail video, I believe last years episode from St Joe.
  6. If it's for entertainment purposes it would be nice to see more fishing and less commercials.
  7. I have used both single and treble hooks and the key is making sure thier sharp regardless which you use and I stick with treble hooks and as Dave Engel from Best Chance Charters says 3 hooks will catch more fish than 1 !
  8. I've uused the torpedo downrigger weight and found it has just as much blowback as a 12 pound cannonball style, not worth the money.The torpedo weights that you attach to you lines though work great.
  9. Isn't insanity described as doing they same thing over and over and expecting different results.
  10. Beatiful job on the mount you can tell that they know thier fish.
  11. Just looks like a good chop I thought maybe they might have been out in larger seas.
  12. Greta reason to buy a foreign piece of sh** as if toyota doesn't have issues like the 7.4 million vehicles they just recalled. By the way they do great things for our country and remember to help keep the japanese economy running.
  13. In todays society if you aren't on a pro staff or posting numerous videos you must not be a real outdoorsman, I'm sure its justthat I'm 53 years old and don't feel the need to prove myself to anyone some people just need the reassurancethat thier life wouldn't be complete without bragging.
  14. Tony exact problem I had boat needs to be stripped and bottom prepped correctly if you just sand what is on there and paint over it you will still end up with the same results , been there done that.I had mine stripped ,barrier coated then painted and haven't had any issues since I had it done 3 yrs ago, better done right the first time than to have to do it over again.If you just had someone paint the bottom without them stripping it you can't blame them but if they are reputible they should of explained that to you in the first place , just my experience.
  15. Had the same issue with my boat if you are seeing patchs of gel coat whoever did the prep did a poor job. I had my boat sand blasted and reprepped and have not had a issue in the last 3 years.
  16. I have run both wire divers and braid divers and now just fish the braid. I have checked the diving ability of both using my gtm unit and there is no considerable difference in depth obtained using the same diver setups on both,with all things being equal,braid is easier to use ,doesn't kink and you dont have to use roller rods or twillie tips, just my 2 cents worth.
  17. Right and we just renew allowing the badger to keep dumping 500-700 tons of mecury laden cal ash in the lake what a waste lets just dump everything in the lakes it doesn't matter.
  18. This arguement could go on forever whether the noise from downriggers and wire dipseys either attract or repel the fish if we knew the answer for sure we would be able to fill the boat everyday. As in all fishing you are fishing different techniques some days one method produces better than another thats why we run different techniques. I believe we sometimes try to over think these things.
  19. Check northwoods outlet in pinconning mi they had the best price on them last year when I purchased mine.
  20. I'd say stay away from bayliners to.
  21. Amen, I've heard the same song and dance from the badger for years.
  22. As far as reels go you can't beat the okuma catalina reel price about hte same as the shimano tekotas but a smoother drag system and you don't have to have the line counter smackin you in the wrist every time if you use the fore grip on your fishing rod if you palm the reel like a bass fisherman you will be fine with the tekotas, just my 2 cents worth.
  23. Spray you braided line with wd40 before you use it for the day and the fleas will hardly stick to it.
  24. It's funny how the last time the badger was given a 5 year exemption he couldn't figure out how to eliminate the problem but if given another 5 years they'll figure out how to fix it, If you believe that I'd like to know where you buy your crack at.
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