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  1. Not that I live in wisconsin but wouldn't it be more helpful to some if the report wasn't a month old?
  2. I doubt it's the release I have run walkers for years with meat rigs without a problem if your hookup ratio is poor it can be the speed you are pulling your rigs at and there are days no matter what you are running spoons, flashers that the fish just don't hit that aggresively and don't hook up.As far as the line being caught between the lead hook it is usually when the fish is only hooked on the back hook and turns sideways that forces the mono between the hook, some people place a drop of glue in the gap to keep that from happening , hope that helps.
  3. Yes diver color does make a difference just as do the colors of your spoons and flashers.It is dependent on where the fish are at in the water column as some colors show better at different depths, but by the same token there are days the diver will shy away from them , thats why I prefer to run slide divers as I can run my lures further back and sometime go from a dead diver program to one that produces some fish.
  4. Thank you Rick Jones for stating what has been said all along ,why should 1 business be exempt when all others had to comply.
  5. Jason follow the rules of the road and you shouldn't have a issue, but my unspoken rule is if they want to troll across my bow great better to be the one doing the cutting off than being cut off if unavoidable.
  6. Fishing for 3yr old salmon and mature steelhead is fantastic in Oct. and there is no boat traffic only problem can be the wind , you can usally expect to find temp breaks and work them and I'm sure you'll you have a ball.
  7. What a joke the commercial fisherman aren't reducing thier quota on harvest of baitfish why even have a meeting and the fishery managers also didn't care about the sport fishermans imput.
  8. Terry Brown a spokesman for the badger says ' they are stewards of the great lakes, I would like to know where he's buying his crack at in Ludington. How can dumping 500-700 tons of pollution in the lake help it,maybe he would like to come over and cut me a check for the canvas and seats I had to replace due to his beloved badgers fly ash what a joke.
  9. Nick you fished the right area but the wrong depth, I fished the same area all week and limited out almost everyday. Fish were in 85ft early and out to 100 later from the 50 to 48s, the fish also had a thing for blue colored spoons and spin doctors all week, you may of seen me I was in a 31 tiara with a dark blue top, most boats kept on going by and i never really had people around all week.
  10. Great job and a great article by Aaron, he summed up exactly how I feel just to be blessed with the physical attributes to be able to enjoy the outdoors .
  11. great footage , I guess iwouldn't want to use those spin doctors either for some reason all they are doin is catchin fish.
  12. If tournaments are about fun and friendship why does money even have to be involved, I fish a tournament every time I leave the dock it's me against the fish.I'm not trying to offend anyone but I have watched how normal people turn into idiots just to show they are the 'Man' .
  13. Ken I also think the order in which you set lines depends on whether you are talking about morning or evening , in the morning I like to set downriggers and divers first then copper or leadcore in the afternoon i reverse the order as you are usally starting out with fish that tend to be alittle less aggressive , just my take.
  14. Brandon, I have slipped a boat for over 30 trs now in ludington and love the conveience, I don't think you will find you will save much money as I know most marinas where you will slip a 24 foot boat that have nice amenities you should expect to pay between 1200.00 to 1500.00 for a season.There are plenty of other marinas that are available at lower rates but you get what you pay for and I would advise you to visit some of them first and talk with some of the seasonal slip holders. Some marinas are party marinas where the partiers reside and are not very family or fisherman friendly unless you don't mind people keeping you up late when you want to go to bed early to go fishing . If you want any imput about the ludington marinas please feel free to pm me.
  15. Glad to see the dnr still is still around I fish ludington and watched people fishing walleye out of season in pere marquette lake the last couple of years and when I called the rap hoyline they put me in touch with the local co who basically blew me off. I have phoned in several violatons to the rap hotline even during waterfowl season and got the same results, so i wonder why they even waste money on the hotline if they aren't willing to take action.
  16. I tend to run the larger paddles and 10 in spin doctors when the fishgo deeper 90ft and deeper larger attractors throw off more sound and flash not saying its right just what works for me.
  17. As long as they fit in the bait head you can run them whole you just have to tune them to get the correct roll.
  18. yecks and dreamweavers at least the paint stays on, and they catch fish.I bought a couple of the new uv stinger spoons and soon found out why I quit buying them as after a few fish the paint was peeling off like crazy.
  19. A great way to become a millionaire if you start with 2 million and quit while you still have one. Like any business it has it's pros and cons, just don't look through rose colored glasses and realize it's a business.
  20. Ive fished with a friend who has a 42 ft Tiara and it is powered by twin 650 hp cummins diesels, until he had trolling valves installed he used trolling bags made by amish outfitters and never had a problem with getting his boat slow enough. You only need to run 1 engine at a time so you should have no problem trolling and when you run your bags you should run them from your spring line cleat that is midship they won't get in the way of your gear. Hope this helps bags are a good low cost solution until you get your trolling valves installed good luck.
  21. Northwoods outet in pinconning has them for 539.00
  22. Captain Chucks in ludington has Dreamweaver uv spoons in most of the same colors in super slim and larger size that are also producing in stock.
  23. Great job always a good thing to see kids exposed to the outdoors .
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