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  1. Was out last 2 nights, Missed alot of fish. I no more get the rod out of the holder and the fish were coming off. At the landing last night cleaning the 2 we got in the boat..a few guys said to switch out hooks on my spoons to singles. If this is the case to land more fish....what brand/style and what size hooks are best for this?
  2. im interested give me a call 920-378-3221 my name is kris
  3. I just want to say Thank You to you guys who posted with this very helpfull Info. I did not know alot of this stuff with the color at certain depths. This is a great sport and I am only into my second season on the big pond, I have alot to learn. This info will help me be more succsesfull and save me money, by not buying the wrong stuff. It is nice to know that there is a place like this site were a person like me can ask question and learn from others. Im looking forward to getting out on the water and applying this info. Thank You.
  4. i usually go out of two rivers wisconsin sometime we go out of algoma. thanks guys for the help and info. This will make life alot nicer out on the water, second guessing myself on what colors im using.
  5. wow thanks nailer, i had now idea that blue was better below 50ft this is the kind of info i need. thank you. im gona post some pics of flies
  6. How do I add pictures to a post?
  7. Hello everyone, I am new to the site and the sport. I started last year, got out 5 times with very little succses. Only caught a couple of fish, but did learn alot through trial and eror. Here is my biggest ? for everyone, what color spoons work the best? I have picked up about 20 so far but still not sure on what to buy or use. the wonder bread color is the only color i caught a fish on last year. Also i am tying up flies right now. what color flies work most often, with what kind of flasher. I have a few flashers and not sure on that hole subject either. I dont have alot of money to waste on stuff that doesnt work so i am here asking for Help? I will post some pics of my flies that i have tied.
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