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    I am a moderator on Walleye Central. I have a 21ft Grady White nad recently bought a cabin in Manton
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  1. thanks I really think it was a combination of poor downrigger maintenance and bad luck more of the former lol
  2. true you CAN run it in your crankcase! read the directions on the can! I used it once in my lawn tractor to free a stuck ring from over the winter storage But don't leave it in there, and its not going to do anything to a fuel system problem using it like this but you CAN use it!! I was a mechanic too for 20+ years as Gnarf
  3. thanks!! very helpful!! I think my issue was just the battery was low. I thought it was a new one but apparently not I will save this
  4. I am looking for a little advice on my rig. Right now I have 2 Walker electrics with short booms I fish them at right angles to the gunnels, they work fine this way. A few years ago I bought 2 more with 4 ft booms. I never did put them on for fear of it just being too much for this boat, even though I know lots of guys run 4 riggers on boats a lot smaller than mine. I was going to mount them about 1/2 way between the back rigger and the Tite Lok holders. Maybe then I would angle the corner riggers at a 45* instead. Just for separation, but that may not be needed? I don't know I do have a 9.9 Yam kicker back there and with the platform on the other side makes for a busy transom. That rigger set at 90* doesn't come close to the kicker, not sure if I ran it at 45* I usually also run 1 or 2 dipsys on each side, and once in a while leadcore down the chute. Do you think this is too much? Should I just stick with the 2 riggers? that's what my gut tells me, why I never installed the 4 footers. thanks
  5. I dug up my old GMT 40 and tried it this weekend It still works fine but I forgot how to reset it after taking a reading. I tried turning it off and on but it still displays the previous readings. Tried holding down the button for a while, did not work even tried just sending it down again but that did not work either then the battery ran out lol anyone know how to do this? thanks
  6. thanks guys. It did not go well yesterday lol Since it was rainy Sat morn I decided to just look over my rigging real well since I have not used my downriggers much over the past few years and now that I am getting back into it I figured this would be good to do I noticed that the cable termination for the rigger the probe is used on was just some crimped on sleeves and a snap. I then remembered this was from an emergency on the water repair from 2 years ago. I have used the rigger maybe 2 trips since then. So I decided since I had the Cannon terminator kit I would put one on and fix it the right way. So yesterday morning we fished west Grand Traverse bay for a few hours before I had to leave and head back home from the cabin. Other than no fish, it went fine for a few hours. I decided not to use the Scotty snubber and just use the breakaway rig that comes with the X4 About 1/2 way though our trip, I raise the ball and as it just clears the water the cable either breaks or slips out of the terminator and I loose everything, probe and all!!! I had maybe 4 hours total on this probe. It was no where near the bottom at any time, I think the cable just broke from old age, I dunno. If it would have slipped out of terminator I think I would have seen the cable kinked from where it was threaded in the terminator, but it I was left with what looked like a clean break with a frayed end. I have had there riggers (elec Walkers) for at least 20 years and got them used with a boat I had bought at the time. But they did not really see much use in all those years. The cables look ok, but I am just going to respool both of then and start from scratch I also forgot my box of dipsys (they were still in the pole barn) so it was not a very good trip lol on the bright side my DAV buddy took this doe on Sat off my property on the special youth/disabled hunt!
  7. Hi guys I have a X4 with the breakaway tether between the probe and the ball. I just bought some Scotty snubbers to use on my riggers. Should I use this in addition to the X4 tether? When I connect them up it makes for a pretty long assembly from the rigger snap to the ball. Or should I just not use the Scotty snubber on that rigger? I like the fact that its easier to grab then the bare cable I have not used this yet. Will try tomorrow thanks
  8. I really, really do like my Grady White Adventure 208 Its a little on the small side, but its easy to tow, rides very nice and I can launch it myself. A good custom trailer like I have is worth its weight in gold. Loads perfect every time. If I could change anything I would repower with something more fuel efficient, but the old Johnson 200 just keeps ticking. I wont replace it until it dies
  9. from doing a search looks like size 3 is what I need
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