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  1. Welcome!!! Alaska is on my list to fish/hunt someday.
  2. Saturday April 6, 2013, Spanky's Sportsmans Club will be hosting its 2nd annual Brown Trout Tourny out of Two Rivers, WI. Details can be found on our Facebook Page, or stop in. Last year we had a great turn out, but this year should be epic.
  3. sent a message on the other site but may not have went though. the weights are 12 1/2 lbs ($45) and the mount for a contour cameras is $10. plus shipping $10 or pick up in green bay for free-- salmoncam002.jpg


  4. Hi everyone, I'm Capt. Charlie Blish. I've been a Capt. for 6 years now out of Manitowoc, WI. This year I slipped out of Two Rivers for Lake Michigan. I also have a 20' walleye boat for Green Bay and Winnebago.
  5. Being from the WI side of the lake, it seems a little harder to get on pro staffs. I was on the Raider Spoon pro staff for a while and even designed a bunch of spoons for them. After Josh sold it, that kinda fell by the wayside. I was just wondering if getting on a pro staff is completely professional, or if its about who you know.
  6. Don't get much time on the computer, but when I do, its usually fishing related. Can't believe I didn't register sooner.
  7. I figured as much........good article, thanks for sharing
  8. We catch a bunch of 2 and 3 year olds out deeper in Oct. Once you find em, it can get nuts
  9. Dave, I was going to put a league together out of Two Rivers, WI this summer, but just ran out of time to get everything together. If we could get a few sponsors, I would certainly get things put together this winter and kick it off next summer.
  10. Fish are still stacked up at the pier heads. We went 7 for 17 on Saturdays Charter. Had a few break offs and our share of tangles, but we managed to put a few in the box. J-plugs in white or green did good for kings and orange spoons did good for Browns.
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