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  1. I test fired on of my gun flares this winter. It expired in 11'.. No flame and very little smoke so they all went in the trash. My hand helds did flare so they are in for back up.
  2. 11' white with flash tape.. I used a Big Weenie last year as my first big paddle and it out fished the whole spread in july
  3. Every year I try to add a new angle on my salmon fishing. This year Im going to try to run a few of the cut plugs. Who here runs them? do you retie a different hook on them? every youtube video says they do. And what do you fill them with? I have seen everything from scent to stips to tuna.
  4. I use 5200 and a stainless screw/bolt (round head) and a nylock nut
  5. Ill stop by monday and see. But hunting this fall was shallow.
  6. We were out of bolles harbor. Turns out we missed the fish. My buddy went out the the toledo light and went 7-10. We just did get deep enough but this rain should hopefully start them in the river.
  7. Me Found out he hard way we didn't get deep enough. First week of april we r going to st joe to start our salmon season. When do u guys plan on starting
  8. Do you stay for the summer or just walleye time? oh yeah water temp in that pic wasv 59.4. the rest of the lake is still 32
  9. Well it wasn't pretty but the boat ran good. No eyes but he did manage to get this. So technicaly we didnt get skunked right
  10. Well i couldn't take it anymore. Me and hunter are on our way to erie. Hopefully a good report in a few hours
  11. If u r looking for manuals. Gander by my house has extendable boom manusl cannons 50% off clearance. My buddy got them for 75 a piece. Cant remember the model but they had extendable boons
  12. I can't take it anymore. Lake erie walleyes saturday for me.
  13. The kids hit the trout pond a few times. Everything i need was there. Bought some weenie stuff and a couple copper rods Ill be going back next year
  14. Last night there was an air boat filled over and 2 people in the water CG air crew rescued 1 but the search was called off at midnight for the other man.. extremely sad news so late the season without a loss of life. Thoughts to his family and children
  15. I just upgraded to a special mate from the clear foam box. Way better and easy to carry and store more spoons. I fit my plugs and spoons in it
  16. Ok heres a new question Can i run a fixed slider 20' up th line from the ball too cove the water column like i do with stackers?
  17. welcome there are a lot of great sportsmen here
  18. this year I am going to give fixed sliders a try instaed of my usual stackers. So I can run 2 more coppers. I am going to be using the HD off shore clips but What do I use to attach slider to the main line? How long of a leader can I use? Does the slider ever tangle around the main line when Fighting a fish on the main line? Thanks Steve
  19. I don't fish any port regularly so I don't get the time to keep on the fish. When you go to a new port How do you know where to start as far as depth/ I usually head out till I start to see bait then slow down to look for fish. Last year I usually ended up starting around 55'-60' (predawn). then is its slow I start to zig zag my way out
  20. Last year was my first year running copper. While my 200' and 150 ran good, my 250 and 300' had on occasion weeds and Zebra mussels on them. How are you guy deploying them so they do not fall to the bottom. I was getting stuff on them in 100-140 FOW. I let the water pull the copper off the reel as we move. do I need to tighten the spool a little to keep them up in the water a little or is there something else I'm missing..
  21. My braid divers have had the same line on for 2 summers. They didn't see the water last year. his year I will be running them with my wires. How long do you guys run with your braid before changing?
  22. My braid divers have had the same line on for 2 summers. They didn't see the water last year. his year I will be running them with my wires. How long do you guys run with your braid before changing?
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