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  1. not much you can do when the spool gets low.. i let fish run them selfs out and only 1 has ever spooled a reel on me. 29.2 lbs. ran 960' of steel line out. I just cranked down on the drag figuring it was now or never.. i cleared all the lines on the left side of the boat and circled wide back around. took the guy 30 min to get that guy in.
  2. I run them on everything except the 150 copper. My divers with meat have been my best rods this year. On my riggers. I run them pretty tight. 10-25'. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Great Lakes Fisherman mobile app
  3. We're is the wire tangling? Sent from my SCH-I545 using Great Lakes Fisherman mobile app
  4. On the ones I switched over. I use the drag nob to lower the balls. It takes some getting used to but is way faster Sent from my SCH-I545 using Great Lakes Fisherman mobile app
  5. I have been hoping to see a few reports from Manistee. I will be up there this weekend to try it. I have never fished Manistee before the end of august. when the fish are in close. This time of year are the fish off shore or are there any trout in close. Thanks
  6. That will teach you your not on bass masters in a hurry.. Ouch
  7. Thanks for the report. Now I have to throw a trip over in the planning.
  8. If you are getting it from the company call them. I did really cool guys. They will get what you want. I ordered mine seperatly so I had both bases
  9. No It was the one from august 08 in Manistee. LOl it was 9 pages of it but its fixed now
  10. Heck boltman you just need railing around that swim deck to convert it to a trolling deck. That thing is bigger than my boat:thumb:
  11. , I am not like you guys , you guys are pros and I always have the wide onboard driving ..... Need I say more???
  12. Yes but I just went back to my gallery and it was fixed. I tried to look at the general gallery and the first 19 pgs were P1's manistee board pics. But it looks like it all fixed. Thanks
  13. what other lines are involved in the tangle with your board lines. I run 2 DR on the corners w free sliders 2 wire low divers 4-6 coppers Walleye boards 1-2 high braid divers My copper and high divers can run in any irder depending on what is getting hit
  14. does anyone know what up with the gallery.. all my photots have been replaced with the first photo I uploaded. and the gallery has the same photo for all the recent photos. By the way P1 that's is a good pic:lol:
  15. I ran my 597 off of 1battery for the first time this year. I ran 2 trips a day for 3 days with out needing a charge. Average trips was 5 hours with 1 8 hr trip in there. 36 total hours and the volt meter on the unit was 9.9 volts when I put it on the charger. I usually dont put it on the charger till the low volts warning comes on at 9.7 v. Battery is a bps group 27 deep cycle not hooked to any charging on the boat With the gps set to fastest update and sonar set to max ping rate.
  16. I Have A 597. Use It To Troll For Walleyes and salmon. In The Switchgear Mode You Will Mark The ThermoCline And I Troll As Slow As 6 For Walleyes. Marks Fish And Bait. And I Run It Off A Deep Cycle 27 Battery Four About 36 He's With Out recharging
  17. I am in need to restock my plugs as we lost a few and had a few swiped. So I would like to ask What are your guy favorite plug (Manufacturer)and presentations. I had a mix of just about everything last few years. Now I think I kind of like the plugs with out the harnesses. Is there any down side to not using the J plug style harnesses.
  18. http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/forums/showthread.php?t=16491 salmon pro connection forum sticky
  19. My wire rods are Convector 30d w 1000 on convector diver rods with twilli tips Coppers Convector 45 with 150, and 200, with 30lbs mono backing Convector 55l with 250 an 300 with 30 lbs mono backing. All on bass pro boat rods There is a reel fill calculater on this site somewhere that was pretty close I used it on all my rods
  20. super simple Need new spools, counters spool gear counter gear. 3 position switch and new breakers.. I did it to 2 of mine. If Ihad it to do over I would take them to a cannon tech and have him do it. I cant get the auto stop to work so they are going in to get fixed. I have 2 working DT 2 and a 2 extra pad/ screens I have picked up. Best place for info fish307.com has the schematics and part numbers Parts from anglers outpost in Whitehall. They are very helpful when you call. When you look up fish307 copy the Marlin schematics as the Mag 10 are different DT2 are on the marlin body and wiring DT4 are on the mag 10 chassis
  21. 30lbs seagar line, not leader Don't know what the difference is except 15$
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