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  1. check Iboats they have all kind of info on old boats
  2. Are those led lights? That is something like what I want
  3. black 10lbs pancakes with DW UV tape because I was bored one night last summer
  4. that would be great. I just need enough to tie up and un tangle in the dark. I have a battery spot light I use to net at night that is on my net
  5. well my winter project this year is to organize my ride a little better. I have a small boat and everything is easily accessible. I will be having 2 separate 12v systems for the accessories and main motor. I am defiantly not an electrician but I am starting now to get ready for the winter by getting all my supplies and studying now I have a few basic wiring questions. 1.) If I install a switch panel with breakers do I still need a fuse block for those in the battery compartment? I do not thinks so but I may be wrong 2.)right now I have those glass tube fuses. Are the blade auto fuses better or should I stay with the tubes. 3.) I am adding spreader lights and need a good set of LED's if there are any. Ill post some pics of what I got going on when I get back to the boat this week end in case anyone has some input Thanks
  6. Ive akways had hBIRDS but after being on a boat for a few trips with the lowrance elite 7. Thatwill be on my next rig. way better than my 797 and easier to use. My Hbirds have never let me down I just think they have fallen off the pace with new tech
  7. LOL. I TRIED RUNNING COPPER THE FIRST TIME. I nearly threw all 6 poles in the water. Tangle city. Then I hitched a ride last summer with a guy that made it look easy. Now I have no issues.. One thing that comes to mind. If I'm only running 2. They both go on the same side if there's other traffic. Easier boat control. Also. What boards did u get. The vice clips made it easier for me and steel pins
  8. Did u run that 6" plug at all.... Good weekend on the lake
  9. Water day we started at @ 5. Didn't get the first fish till 830. Then from 9-1230 we got 10. All on glow plugs and coppers? 150' 200' 250' coppers. Since it was slow during the afternoon I started switching to glow plugs around 730. And trolled in toward the piers
  10. That is a pig... Ouch Didn anyone tell you not to wear red nail polish fishing.
  11. Dave let me know what type your looking for. I work in the marina districts all the time
  12. I use the churches vice grips. Same clip but face the board so the line pulls into gne clip. I used to wrap the line around thE front arm to stol releases
  13. were are you launching from.. try sunset much closer to the lake.. Sebewaing is 2.9 mikes from the launch to the end of the channel I may be out of sunset on the east side saturday
  14. 25-35 flow. Harnesses. 1.3-2.0 Spoons 2.2-3.0 I came out of case ville but end up south west of the charities
  15. I am looking for thought on short rigger rods. I would like to try my ugly stick MH 6'6". is there any disadvantages to trying these And what length do you use
  16. I'll be over for 4 days later this month. If the fishing is slow for silver I would like to get the kids into a few lakers . I have never targeted Lakers so don't really know where to start except close to the bottom. Is it just salmon gear run low or is there a specific set up. I have heard about spin n glo but do not know how they get rigged? Thanks ;
  17. Yeah I got a pm about this. We changed and are going g to fish out of Whitehall. And stay up there.
  18. My favorite because I got a lecture from a guy at the dock about taking kids out in April on the water. The guy was next to me as my son hooked his first D river walleye. My son looked over at him and politely said if u took your kids fishing maybe they would have a good time to. At the dock wehad our 15 they got 3 so hunter asked them if they wanted his so they had a few fish to take home. It was pricelesd
  19. I am lookiong at stay at the comfort in for a tourney on the 27th of this monthy. How is that neighborhood. I see a lot of talk about security guards at the hotel. Or other recomendation thanks steve
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