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  1. Secrets out. The key is obviously the. Music. Nice job
  2. add some weight to the front of the board. on my walleye boards I slide the weight all the way forward for running copper and -1.5 for walleyes
  3. Took the boys out to the river because of the high winds. Hoped to get a few and ended up with 14. Trolling meat in 10-15'. The guys drifting were getting fish but a lot slower for them. Make sure that your blades are spinning. Drift today wasn't fast enough to run blades
  4. I have the vise clamps so they never release. my first year I released them and lost almost every fish. could be coincidence but have not had that problem since
  5. kids love the fight more than the plate value. lots of fun
  6. 12lbs pancake. we use only when we are running 2 riggers.. I like the swim. anything over 100 we use ridgeback rattlers 20
  7. Nice job I just started to move to the north thumb ports. I have to ask how deep have you been fishing. Those fish dwarf the inner bay schools. Ill be out by the charities next weekend searching. Pm welcome thanks
  8. Thanks for the report. I was out of sunset and the bite was on till it flattened out. Then ittook us awhile to get the last 2
  9. 6-15 launched out of sunset and found the fish in 13fow. Speed 1.5-2 BB back 40 (2oz) Took 15 in 2hrs with 16 throw backs. Took my oldest son hunter out of caseville launched at1 pm to scout for some larger fish. Had his 5 in 1.5 hrs. I found 1 school by the beach in 13 fow. Bb back 30 (2oz) speed 1.1-1.5. Made 3 passes over the same waypoint to get his limit and head in This am I headed out of sebewaing to try to find some larger fish and got 2 bigger ones. 15 fish in 2.5 hrs. 15 fow bb back 40-50 (2oz) speed 2.o-2.2 Every color we used caught fish What a gerat weekend. Took 5 guys out and we all managed to take home some fish
  10. fished yesterday and today from 12-3. Limits both days in 12-14 fow on the west side of slot. 40' back with 2oz bouncers. yesterday speed was 2+ today nothing over 1.5 mph 38 shortys in two days to keep 20.
  11. look at all the options. There are some nice used trailers on craigs list but you have to know how to set them up. If you plan on keeping the boat for 10 years I would look at a new one also but they are very pricey...
  12. 12'' Weenie paddle white/green crush.
  13. you are correct must have auto corrected it. It is a 12v 55 vpd2.
  14. I want to add a removeable front deck to my boat. What are some options for the decking besides wood. Or a cheapest place to get starboard?
  15. I am trying to make my rig a little cleaner. First is the wireing. I run a HB 587, a Minn Kota 12v 70 pdv2, 2 digitroll2 riggers and a troll master. Off of a set of batteries in the bow with no charging system currently I just switch batteries when 1 goes low but I need to reste the riggers when do. If I run a parallel system how will this affect my run time? How do I charge a parallel system? I saw a skimatic that showed red on one BATT and Black obn the other. Is this correct. Also I rarley ever change Batteries on the water when I not using the trolling motor. So should I just leave it be and keep a seperate fully charged BAttery for a back up? Thanks Steve
  16. I'm in. I'll make the the call as far as weather Friday morning but vim putting on the calender.
  17. Try a hard reboot. You'll have to go online to see how to do it. If not call bird great CS. Just be patient
  18. was the swap unit that worked the exact same as yours. you may want to check the plug for any movement. and did you lake test the other unit.
  19. I know there are no hotels. But were can me and a couple of guys find a hotel motel campground Farley clise ?
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