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  1. Sorry guys it is my fault, I took the plow off the atv after that warm spell a couple weeks back, she does it to me in the fall too, the day I put the boat away you can be sure it will be calm and warm for at least two weeks after. Nate
  2. Thanks for the links guys, that torpedo cable sounds like it might be the way to go, I like the idea of no coating to deal with. thanks
  3. I am in ontario, so I would have to have it shipped from wherever I can find it, I have searched online and cannot find anyone with them in stock. thanks
  4. I am starting to get my gear ready for the season, last year I had some issues with my subtroll cable, can anyone recommend where to buy a replacement coated cable. thanks
  5. He has become quite the gaff man for the pike, hoping this year he will be reeling in some lake huron kings.
  6. I really loath the winter the older I get, the only saving grace is the odd hard water outing with my son.
  7. The hard water makes the winter pass just a bit faster, great pic.
  8. It is a KMV HT 17 nice little boat, it has since been sold, nice little boat I haven't seen too many of them, would of made a great inland lake boat, we found it a bit light for out on the big water. I will miss it we put alot of fish in that boat.
  9. Horned boobie purple with holographic and purple and glow spin doctor with black and purple silver fox, both of these have put many fish in the boat over the last two years. have also had good sucess with the yellow tail late in the season.
  10. Just wanted to introduce myself and thank you all for a wonderful place for sharing info and great stories. I am from the port of goderich on lake huron, I have been chasing fish for a meager 9 years on the big lake, my wife and I have fished the few derbies we have in our area for the past eight years and have actually placed in a few, thanks to some of the info shared. not sure if the images worked thanks
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