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  1. I saw a guy with a cooler of browns (6) yesterday in manistee. I stoped and talk to him at the launch. He said he was out for about 7 hours on the lake. Now I wish I would have brought my boat instaed of my skis to take my wife fishing
  2. Last year I had a reel hard time getting my dipseyas deployed. Some times they would plane straight behind the bost and I would have to reel them in a few times to get then to plane out to the side. Can I adjust the spool tension to let them out slower or do I just use my finger for tension? I'm think I was allowing them to tumble down some by letting the line out to fast.
  3. I just talked to tony at GLP and he is seting me up with the right stuff, Thanks
  4. If this is going to be mounted on a bracket my old bracket was able to adjust low enough to use a short shaft. If its going to be transom mounted I have seen a short shaft motor troll a 23' seaswirl and it didn't start cavitating till around 5 mph. Steve
  5. Yes they are and they worked great. Now I just have to figure out how to get them to slide int the trax I just bought.
  6. I will be fishing ST Joe in April,And I have a few questions on what type of flasher/dodgers that people use early in the year. I have a few old small LJ dodgers in orange. Besides that do you use regular 8" flashers or is there a smaller one that someone makes.
  7. I will be pickin the winner when I get back from vacation on the 14th of this month Thanks Steve
  8. I have digi II and when the weight is jigging a fish will still pop the release with no tension on the rod but you will have to watch the line when the balls decend. A small fish will pop the release as soon as the rod get tension back from the decent.
  9. I have a 12' space between my rigger tips do you think this will be enough from getting them tangled.
  10. I just bought a pair of these and was wondering how they work. I am hoping to reduce blowback. I was using 10lbs balls. Thanks Steve
  11. I saw this some where else and thought it was kind of cool. Give me the best name for my rig and get 2 spin doctors and 2 flys new from gander moutain. you get to pick the color. The pic is on the images in my profile I cant seem to get them to copy here. But Ill keep tring Thanks Steve
  12. I would be intrested in the reels if you are willing to split Steve
  13. I have not fished any tourneys yet but I will this year. I just couldnt compete with a charter boat so it would be like me throwing away $90. The simple fact is that the shear number of fish they will catch assure them on better odds. I may only make it over there 8-10 times a year where as they are out 3-5 days a week. Steve
  14. Currently my computer wants to post pics I dont pick. In the boat section I want to delete a photo and can not figure out how. Thanks STEVE
  15. My HDS5 lasted 1 hour in a light rain and shut off. After finally getting a hold of CS they told me it was probably water intusion in the card slot. And they would have to see the unit to see if it was warranty or not. It was warrantied but it took them almost 8 weeks to get me a new one. That on lasted about 3 weekends and had a water intrusion problem. Same place. This time the CS rep told me the unit was not intended for a boat like mine. I was so POed I just hung up and sent the unit with a copy of my reciept and about a 4 page letter about my experiance and how i will never by another lowrance unit. Steve
  16. Im looking for some used stuff to save me a few dollars If anyone has some risers or longer trax they would like to part way with please send me a PM. Thanks Steve
  17. I started fishing the bay with dumb luck and was never skunked once, I started moving if we didnt get a hit in 30-45 min I found that it rarely took more than 5 or 6 moves to find a produtive spot. Now I start on structure that I mark during the summer and I m rarely on the bay more than 5 or 6 hours. For safety if you dont feel safe crossing a crack where someone else did dont find another spot. I routinley see quads with a set of wheels stuck or boged down in the slush that work up thru the cracks. Good luck Steve
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