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  1. I am looking at upgrading to a 7" screen.. My question is what are the main differences between the HDS series and the elite series. I just don't know if I need the HDS for walleye and salmon fishing.
  2. I have a pair of bj duals if you are inteested. 100 for the pair. They are the older disc style with the pull pin. Also come with track and bj square bases.
  3. Best set up I saw on a 27 sea ray amberjack. 15 HP. With a wheel and controlls on the transome. Also he had the motor mounted mid ship
  4. Really just glad it was another trade that shut it down for the day.... we r going to bring the fryer tomorrow to cook them a thank u lunch
  5. Well job site got shut down today at noon by OSHA..so I decided to take a couple of newbies fishing with me. Hit the water around 3 bright sun.. I got 4 in 30' of water lack 4" work 3/4 oz black jig. The guys were having a hard time in deep water so we ran about 5 miles to the Trenton channel.were I got my 5th and they started getting a few before the storms chased us off at 6. Had a good time getting them a few first walleye
  6. Well I took hunter out in less than good conditions this afternoon. Super low vis but we managed 3 including hunters first solo walleye. After chasing about 15 snags for him he says he's snagged again so I fire up the main to try to chase it. As I look up to see were his line is, instead of being managed up river its under the boat running down river. LOL What an awesome day
  7. Hi pod.... Welcome. A lot less crap here
  8. [url=http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=680
  9. Made it out for 2 hours and ended up wit 5 My personal best 10 lbs 13 oz. 29.5"
  10. I want to make a board that will hang over the gunnels to take picks of the catch. What could i use besides wood for the board And what can i use to hang fish besides nails. Thanks steve
  11. Last year any thing i put in the water as long as it was orange or red. Red brads thin fins Red reef runners 600 Orange bombers Orange 000 dodgers and red peanut fliy. Brads 20' behind a rigger 8 down was best followed by a orange bomber behind a 82mm deeper diver 20' back on #1setting
  12. .Went 9 for 13 Black jig and black worm 3 Blue jig and blue ice fin s took 6 All tipped with minnow.
  13. Ended up with 8 in about 2 hours. Biggest was 31" 10 lbs smallest was 23 Blue ice more minnow and black 4" worms tipped with minnows. Could have got our limut but fog started to rool in around 11
  14. actually I found it outlandishly funny when my bud had to reel in the 450 last year 3 times cause I just wasn't going to do it. No I wasn't. if I don't have a buddy I don't use anything longer than 300. I run 45 morgan's cause it was on sale
  15. We ran all over the river and ended up with six fish. I think by next weekend they'll be in. The fish we did catch were still real deep and wanted a slow jig. Was a nice day to run the river. Anyone that does decide to run around watch your chart as some spots in the Trenton channel are lees that 2' in mid river so stay in the channels
  16. good job. looked like it was rougher on the river.. I had a buddy call me from the sis islands and they were getting them just off the reefs out there. We r heading out tomorrow
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