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  1. cabelasfreak

    Port Sheldon 7/3 AM

    @Doug, thanks for your report. Hoping to get out there tonight and this sure helps me get started. 2 in the box is winning!
  2. This is my first attempt at a post. We got a late start Sunday morning and dropped lines in 30' of water around 9:45am. My 15 year old son boxed one beauty laker 33" long in 30 FOW on a monkey puke spoon off the downrigger down about 25' down. The hit came on an East troll and about 2.5 SOG. We had one other rip on a paddle/fly combo in about 40 FOW on a dipsy set on 3 and just off the bottom. I am a frequent reader of this site and know many on here don't care for Lakers. I smoked that fish yesterday and it is by far the best smoked fish I have ever had. I have done Kings, Coho, Steel, and even King Mackerals and they don't compare. I rubbed the fillets with brown sugar and curing salt and let them rest for about 16 hours in the fridge (flipped them once). I smoked them at 225 F for 2.5 hours and used Hickory chips. My question to the group here is what is the most productive setup for catching Lakers...I want more! Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks for the post. Any particular speed or direction work well? Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman mobile app
  4. Thanks, I thought so but have always wondered. Planning to take my dad (79) out for a shake down coho fest tomorrow! Is the early morning bite on? Or do we take our time and start late am?
  5. Nice catch! Pardon my ignorance but what are the sliders?
  6. Happy Friday everyone! Are perch reports non-existent on this site? Can't find a community listed and have seen a rare report under Salmon and Trout. I will be shaking down the boat on Saturday out of PS and was hoping to hit the perch after getting my fill of the big boys (salmon/trout). Any Perch news would be much appreciated!
  7. cabelasfreak

    Fishing Friday morning

    Thanks to all for the tips. We launched out of Holland around 5:15am. Ran out to 100' and set up. Took a 20# King on downrigger when we hit 140' of water on a green dolphin. Ball was set at 70'. Fought it for 20 minutes, got things set again and dipsey went with white paddle and green fly. Set at 2, 120' back in the 140-150' depth range. Speed 2.7-3.0. That was also a 20# King. Had one other hit on a 10 color lead core with Double Orange Crush but it was gone before we touched the rod. Then we pulled lines and headed to work. What a beautiful morning!!
  8. Reports have been thin today for Holland and Port Sheldon. Anybody have a recommendation for tomorrow morning? Which port, depth to start, etc? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  9. definitely will be watching the weather....
  10. Just a shout out to anyone willing to help us out. My three boys (15,12 and 8) and my wife are heading to Augres to visit with my dad/mom (76/88) this weekend. He and my mom have put their place up for sale and are moving closer to family. We hope to head out after some walleyes Friday evening and Saturday morning. Anybody willing to give me some clear direction to a honey-hole? How is the bite in the afternoon/evening? Lure/bait suggestions? My wife has never been walleye fishing so I am hoping to "hook" her. Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. cabelasfreak

    Lure spread help...

    I too have only fished spoons, fly/flasher and J-plugs in years past. I am getting back on the water as I get a boat in 3 weeks and will be watching sunrises and sunsets from Lake Michigan once again. I am completely ignorant to Meat Rigs....what are they, what do they look like? Thanks for any help offered.