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  1. Red with black squiggles! Only way to go:thumb:
  2. Funny you say that, just checked my logs and most productive time has been the 6th - 11th. Guess I remembered wrong!
  3. We do best from mid April to the beginning of May. We normally fish the south side of the piers, anywhere from 10-35 feet. You will definitely see the boats. As far as lures, we typically run several thin fish, and a few small spoons. A red dodger with a coho fly is always on one of the riggers. Good luck, let me know if you have any questions.
  4. Any docks in anywhere on the south ends yet? Seems like in the next few weeks they should be putting them in.
  5. Loved the video, thanks for sharing. Also, you boat is a beauty!!!
  6. Hope things all work out for you, Frank! I am sure you will be back on the water and slaying those eyes before long! Best of luck to you:)
  7. http://www.walleyesunlimitedtacklecompany.com/default.htm http://www.wolverinetackle.com/appiesnet/gallery/blades Jans Net Craft, Cabelas, and Walleyes Unlimited. Also check out fishing shows, usually a few guys with good deals like Stinger, Silver Streak, Gale Force Tackle. I forgot if we could post links or not so if we cannot sorry!
  8. Witnesses said that they were not. A very tragic event, prayers to the family.
  9. Love it! I bet she will love the boat! We had to teach our lab not to go in after the fish, she used to get way to excited when she saw one by the boat.
  10. Ill be running them with Dan this summer, will let you guys know how they work. Im definitely see where some problems may arise but I guess it is worth a try.
  11. Haven't used it much for holding tracks but it will hold over a school of perch. During the summer I love it, not having to mess with an anchor, just roll over the school and hit spot-lock. We used record a track a little bit for summer 'eyes and it worked good but we weren't following a specific break. I think it kept us on according to the GPS though.
  12. There should be 6 screws on the back of the remote. Unscrew them to replace the old battery. It takes a CR2450 coin cell battery that you should be able to get at Wally World.
  13. allout280, I am no expert nor have I ever painted a boat but from what I have read Interlux seems to be the most preferred. Hopefully someone else can back me up on this. Also welcome to the site!
  14. Yeah when it does heat up its usually good fishing! Another spot to try is out in front of deer lick crick. Also don't hesitate to run north up near Glen, we have done well there before.
  15. Instead of switching make sure all of your trebles are razor sharp. We usually sharpen after every few trips. Sharpening would be a good thing to do to spend your time!
  16. I know it, sure stinks. I will get some days off when I can run home and fish or he can come on up to Manistee and fish.
  17. Well as most of you guys know Matt got a job working out of Manistee on Killin Time. He said he would keep his eyes open for me and if he found any charters looking for a mate he would let me know. Well I just got off the phone with Dan of Fire Plug Charters and it looks like I am going to have a mate job this summer as well. Dan and Craig, the owner of Killin Time, are friends so that is pretty cool! Manistee is a hike for me, but I think it is well worth it. My grandma also live in Cadillac so that will help some! I am pretty pumped! Just wanted to say thanks to you guys for teaching me so much, thanks to Mike for the great site, and thanks to Matt for hooking me up!
  18. No ideas, but since when is the Nee-Hi gonna be retired? What are you plannin on getting?
  19. Killer Dolphin, it is probably the only spoon that is always in the water when were out. Just change the size depending on what they want.
  20. Very nice rig and welcome to GLF! We fish out of South Haven quite a bit, hope to see you out there.
  21. Walleye would be your best bet. It might not be as fast paced as Sag Bay but every fish we have pulled from TB has been substantially larger. Next time we get up there, Ill give ya a shout and let you know how we do.
  22. Similar experience last year. I finally found what they liked, I was using long red tailed plastics tipped with a red spike on a red jig. Took me forever to figure it out but when I did it was sure fun. Might want to try some plastics? Also I agree with Terry, my deadsticking this year has not worked one bit, constant jigging for me as well.
  23. That looks pretty cool! Thanks for sharing.
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