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  1. Ill admit to it, I use it and its pretty interesting some times.
  2. I cant remember the temp but that storm would have messed it up. There is a link at the top of the page to check surface temps. There had to have been a pretty good break somewhere because we were in 23fow and the fish off the bottom were really cold. Again I am sure this storm and the following ones will scatter the fish for a couple days. I sure hope not because I would like to get out this weekend.
  3. Started out this am in the pack and picked a few up in about 10-12 fow and even shallower. Lots of throwbacks and it got to the point where we couldn't stand some of the guys in there so we ventured out right in front of the first dune in 8 fow and picked up a few more, again lots of small ones. Weather looked bad coming across so we picked up and ran in but couldn't help to hit one of our favorite waypoints a little deeper. Sure enough there were fish there and we sat there all alone and picked away at them, some really nice ones. Then the storms came and we got out of there just in time. Its too bad that we had to go after just a couple hours because I really think we would have been able to do pretty well but better be safe then sorry. Good luck and stay safe out there guys. There were some small boats way to far south with a storm of that size coming across, especially when the winds switched to N.
  4. We have been catching some very dark fish and I am sure some fish are already in the rivers in Manistee. Nice fish! Glad you got off the water soon enough:thumb:
  5. Thank you Mike for fixing that, and thanks guys. They sure are addicting, Paul!
  6. Yea I caught that, I just need to get someone else to realize that. I would try lengthening fly leads past 30" especially if you run 11" paddles like the Pro Trolls. I also really like the Slide Divers in the middle of the day with long leads. As far as spoons vs flashers fly combos it varies day by day but some times a big paddle down deep will be the set up to take a fish mid day. Good luck!
  7. And now some videos. EDIT- Embeding did not work so here are the links.
  8. I received a 2011 Bushnell Trophy Cam for Christmas and have had a lot of fun with it. All of these other neat pictures on here inspired me to go through all of mine (all 6533 pictures and 669 10 second videos.) Not once have I had any problems with the camera throughout the year and the battery life is exceptional. Anyways here are some of my favorite pictures and videos My lab almost always came to check the cam with me and usually beat me there so she could investigate. Crystal Clear Doe Picture Pileated Woodpecker A Nice Tom Licking The Cam Little Guy In The Creek
  9. Awesome video Mike:thumb: All this warm weather has me ready for a few all day sits during the rut with a bow in hand!
  10. My riggers have been dead as well for the most part but I have been having decent success running really small spoons 100 foot behind the ball. Might be something to try at least, FF haven't taken a hit.
  11. I have had the best success with Spin Doctors and about 23" leader length. I have also done well on 11" paddles and I like to run a longer lead with those. I would experiment with the length a little. The palomar knot will work just fine for tying in a snap or swivel just be sure to wet it. Good luck!
  12. Spotty last I heard in South Haven. I hope it picks up soon!
  13. There were some CRAZIES in South Haven but there always are. It is one big party but it is fun. We watched them from a private beach on one of the south bluffs and it was beautiful! EDIT Here is a picture I took with the phone from Sunday night.
  14. Good luck! Sure seems to be a lot of lampreys on the fish.
  15. Sealer works well but if you don't have the extra dough the Ziploc hand pumps work fine. Great for on the road and the bags are cheap.
  16. Aint that the truth. Wishing you the best, Erik.
  17. Yup flat out stunk. We worked our butts off for a decent sized king and a small steelie. Glad there are at least a couple dumb ones out there.
  18. Thanks guys! And I hear ya Jarod! Frustrating for sure, they need to figure something out soon.
  19. Surprised me too, like Tarrey said we have come in much later in the past and had it open. Pretty disappointing
  20. Made it out for a trip after work today. I think we passed the pier heads at around 5:30 and ran out to 75fow heading straight west. I just set the last rod when I walked up to the front of the boat, turned around and the port rigger had released. Laker 68 down on a flounder pounder. Turned it NW after that and hit a nice king on a Warrior yellow and orange holo dolphin spoon (similar to a miami dolphin) on a rigger parked at 50. Putting that rigger back and the half core with a Craigs Christmas goes. That came unbuttoned and no sooner did a dipsy start RIPPING. Nice screamer for all of 3 seconds before it went dead. Then it got quiet for awhile. Ended up picking up 2 more kings on the Warrior spoon off a rigger 60 down and 66 down. These fish came on a south troll. SOG for the NW troll was 2.8 and 3.2 for the south troll. Picked stuff up at about 8:15 and figured we would clean fish in the light. Wrong, the launch that cost 7$ had locked up the cleaning station and bathrooms before 9pm. Ended 4 for 6, best depth was in the 90s. Heres a picture of the spoon that did most of the work.
  21. Nice to see the report Frank, thanks! I wish you well with your surgery and hope you have a speedy recovery.
  22. Awesome job, I love that magic time when the sun hits the water and things start going good! Thank you for the report, Ben.
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