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  1. That sucks on the fishin! Gotta love NOAA's forcast. Anyways I got dibs on the boat!!
  2. Sounds like a blastt! The average size up there is much larger then Saginaw and I love the fact you have a legitimate chance at a big 'eye. We fished TB the weekend of the Fourth of July and it was pretty slow.
  3. Yeah who knows my grandpa lives right on the Black River and some guys were saying they were jiggin for lakers like 15 miles out on some reef. They were locals but you never know. Did you guys walleye fish much this year? Heard TB was hot.
  4. Just south from like Alpena down to Black River. Guess theres a reef out by the Canadian border.
  5. Ok thanks I was just wondering cuz I heard of some people jigging reefs to the south of you.
  6. Thats insane!! Were you guys jigging or trolling?
  7. Id try South Haven if I were you. I haven't gone perch fishing there in a month or so but it seems if you go were the pack is and then search for them in the same general FOW as the pack but not in the pack you will find them. It might take a little searching but good luck and let us know how it goes!
  8. IDK bout Black River! Fishing been any good up there lately Paul?
  9. Hey thanks for the heads up so others were not in your situation!
  10. Its 3 poles and 6 hooks I believe the regs say. If you have a boat or trolling motor with autopilot that would be helpful as you could run a possibly more productive core and not have to worry about how much line youve got out and drive the boat. I have had success with just two down riggers out and make tight turns on schools of fished marked. You could just make tight circles on marked fish and change out your presentations. Just throwing some options out there...
  11. I also prefer silver hordes if that helps any!
  12. A pretty big myth is that they only work in the fall...false!!! I know guys that catch monster kings on them in the spring. My favorite color is a plain silver with a red head and a sharpied in ladderback. Hope this helps!
  13. If you want to buy them from a store Franks has a small supply of different blanks. You can also buy stuff from www.jannsnetcraft.com
  14. Ill have to agree! Sometimes when I'm at school in the computer lab I can sneak a peek at the website without it being blocked! Only for a minute though then I'm back to working hard on writing papers lol:rolleyes:
  15. South Haven in front of the dunes is usually pretty good! Good luck and be sure to let us know when your out and I will look for your boat if im out the same day and give ya a holler!
  16. Do you guys mostly jig or troll? Always thought that trip sounded like fun! Maybe some day... by the way heck of a nice fish!
  17. Exact same story last week Mike! Thanks for the report Peter, hope to get 'em in the morning.
  18. Thanks! I think we will stick to the south side then.
  19. Just wondering if anyone has been getting them lately! Don't need exact locations but north or south and depth may be helpful! Really just looking to see if they are still around, thanks in advance:)
  20. I have been up north but thanks for a update on the perch! How many fish did you get Rough Diamond? I bet that cat put up a good fight!!
  21. Im not exactly sure. Id be willing to bet that someone else could help you out but I think 4 to 5 miles. You will know where they are because there will be a big pack of boats and the dunes are huge..cant miss em! The creek is harder to identify but there are 5 houses one right after another and then a huge gap and then a really big brown house. The creek is farther north then the dunes and the dunes are just north of the power plant.
  22. Hit up the perch this morning. We went south to in front of Deerlick first thing and we must have just been on top of a bunch of them. Kept 25 fish from this area and had to weed out some small ones. It seemed like our boat and a few other boats real close were the only ones really doing well. Must have been tightly schooled, well anyways fished there for 2hours and caught most of the fish in the first hour then nothing. Ran down to the 3rd dune I believe and got into the pack which usually isn't our first choice. Several boats pulling in smaller ones with the occasional keeper. We moved a little and picked our way at a few. Eventually we sat close to a boat that was hauling in fish after fish after fish! Could not figure out what we were doing wrong?? We sat there getting a fish every once in awhile but they had constant fast action. But they eventually got their limit and we gladly took their spot. Once we hit that spot it was like a light switch was turned on. Got real fast and furious for awhile but there were quite a few small fish. Again other boats around us weren't doing as good but were still catching fish. It was all about finding that one hot spot and that hot spot was pretty small. Ended up with somewhere close to 60 nice fish with an occasional big one. Good luck guys! Oh yeah we fished at first in 25fow and ended up by the dunes in 15fow. Also saw a guy land a nice salmon or steelhead on his perch rig in 15fow!! Brought the underwater camera along and got to see some huge schools of alewife move through! Beautiful day to spend on the water...
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