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  1. Now Matt if only you can get Craig on that same thought process.
  2. Sounds like you might want to check out the Big Jon Captain's Pak or the Pro Sportsman.
  3. Last weekend made it out and didn't have time for a report so sorry about that but we went 7 or 8 for 7 or 8. I can't remember that far back but remember that we didn't loose any. Got to take an old friend I haven't seen in a long time out so that was nice and it was his first time salmon fishing; he had a blast! Mostly a flasher fly bite Mtn Dews, Blue Bubbles ran with Spinnies and 8 and 11" Protrolls. Hot set up was again the 11" clear blade PT that has UV tape and a blue fly that I tied behind it on a 56 rigger. Full core with Killer Dolphin also went a few times. Great day on the water we worked around 100 feet. Mostly 2 and 3 year old kings with a mean 16lber added to the mix Now for today's report, we launched the boat around 7:15 I believe. Decided to set up in the river and troll out but it was a nightmare with people getting each others lines so we said forget this and pulled. Quite a few boats outside the piers and we saw lots of fish jumping so back down the stuff went. Nothing at all happened and talked to a guy I knew who said pick up and get outa there. Put down in 57 and immediately stuff started going. Started out with a double and then steady action from there on out. Throughout the day we worked 70-90 and targeted 45-60 feet down. One plug bite, a few fish on full core with Killer Dolphin and all else were F/F bites. Riggers from 50-60, dipseys set on 2 out 175 and 182 did the damage. Same colors as well Mountain Dew, Green Dolphin, Blue Bubble, and Mirage flies. SD's did most of the damage but the Protrolls boated a few as well. Ended up going 9 for a bunch, I lost track. Some of the losses may be to another new guy on board but I could care less, we had fun. All 2 and 3 year old eater kings and we lost a steelhead. Past few trips have been fun ones:thumb:
  4. Thank you! Never have had much of a problem before but man yesterday it sure was. I keep the drags just tight enough so that it doesn't "tick" much. How loose are you normally loosening them when a fish hits?
  5. Just red Fish4em's report and his day was just like ours minus the early bite. (Didn't get on the water til 7:30ish) 3.1 on the GPS was the ticket. Best part about the trip is when Dad was talking to Mom on the phone and was reading off depth, speed etc to me and goes "oh good mark at 58 whatcha got down there?" my response "um rigger at fift-FISH ON!" as the 56 rigger pops
  6. Sorry guys! Posted that on the way home and wasn't thinking clearly. 70-100 was best!
  7. Pretty good morning on the water. Started out 0 for 2 missing one on a dipsy and had a leader break on the rigger. Pretty upset about that til 'ol faithfull (full core with killer dolphin) went off. Boated that and got the flow going. Broke a cable ane lost a downrigger ball so our 6 rod spread was now 3 cores 2 divers and a rigger. Ended up 5 for 11-12 not the hook up ratio i was hoping for but we could not keep the dipsy fish hooked up?? Any ideas? What worked 56 rigger 11" UV Protroll with Big Weenie Problem Child or one of my own flies HOT 130, 140, 166 dipsy set on 2 with either 8" Protroll or Spinnie both Mountain Dew with BW Frosted Phil and Glow Poofster also pretty hot Full core with Killer Dolphin Overall a nice day with the fish ranging from 7-14lbs.
  8. Yup frozen popcorn or salad shrimp (the small stuff)
  9. Cuz I hide them, always got one on a rigger. One of em was part of that early morn double.
  10. Nice job Jason. Nice to meet you the other day as well!
  11. WOW I have to say I am more than impressed. Looks like a lot of pride has been put into that build, I hope she catches a lot of fish!
  12. Yup that is all! You might have to tighten up your release depending on how loose it is because of the added pull of the lead. SWR's have been the ticket for some mid day kings in the past.
  13. Nice job Todd. If you can not figure out how to post pics shoot me a PM and I will give you my number for you to send them too then I will post them.
  14. ^Thats all that matters:thumb: Nice job on the fish!
  15. Great job out there Dave, do not be too discouraged just go get them next time! If you want to boat more fish, you may want to try running a lake trout set up close to bottom. An example would be a 8" "tin can" dodger off of a low diver or rigger with a Spin n Glow or a fly behind it. Goodluck next time!
  16. I like South Haven better just because the St Joe/Benton Harbor area has more crime usually. South Haven is hit hard with tourists and on weekends during the summer it is a good idea to get off the water before the pleasure boats come. I think the fishing is about the same, the perch fishing has been real hot in SH lately.
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