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  1. I am curious on this subject too. Do you think that a rigger weight with a coating "glides" through the water better than an uncoated one? A coating would increase the volume of the weight and, one would think, increase the amount of friction with the water, increasing blowback.
  2. 6/6 out of Rogers City this morning. 5 kings, 1 coho (1 king was released). What worked were chrome/blue J-plugs 5 feet off the bottom and white flashers with blue flys. Fished 35-55 FOW. Finished up with a double, both around 20lbs, landed them both along with a tangled mess of lines. I guess that's what I get for fishing alone. http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/3/1/2/4/dsc00107a.jpg' alt='dsc00107a.jpg'> I think I need a bigger cooler.
  3. Sounds like a great time! That mean looking king with the broken nose would make a cool looking mount.
  4. Fished this morning, it was slow to start, then picked up. Ended up 5/5 with 3 lakers, 1 atlantic, 1 steelhead that was about 9lbs. The steelhead buried the board and with in seconds it was jumping 6-7ft out of the water.
  5. Fished out of Presque Isle this morning, went 7/9 on lakers. All came on the bottom (100-120 FOW) on chrome dodgers and spin and glows. I was hoping for an atlantic, king, or pink, but nothing on the dipsys or leadcore. I talked to another fisherman when I got back to the landing and they only caught one fish all morning, but it was a 20lb king, a good looking fish. As I was filleting the lakers, I checked the stomachs and half were packed full of 4-5" alewives. Hopefully this means some big kings this summer on the east side.
  6. I used to jig/bob some reefs on Superior out of Marquette. I would try to stay as vertical as possible while still covering water, which can be difficult in 100-150 FOW. I used a 3oz fish shaped keel weight as a jig, it has an eye on the top side of the weight and a chain off the rear. I put a treble off the rear chain and a hunk cut bait on that. Next time I make it up there, I plan on modifying the keel weight jig and putting a blade between the weight and hook, where the chain would be. This will create a little extra vibration down there. I used braid with a 10ft fluoro. leader. The braid was a necessity to get a solid hook set in that deep of water.
  7. Fished Rockport this morning. Started out by loosing a 10lb laker at the net. Then I pick up three for my limit. All the fish came on brass lemon moonshines in 20-30 FOW on four colors of lead. Ended the day with this 30" fish. At first, I thought it may be a splake, but then figured that it probably was just a colorful laker. The tail was fairly forked, but I did not feel like counting the pyloric caeca (to determine for sure). What do you think?
  8. I split my kicker line off my main tank line. Pretty easy task, all that is needed is a Y splitter, a little more fuel line and some hose clamps. Only one tank to worry about then.
  9. Petep, welcome to the site! Thanks for the generous amount of info, you pretty much covered all the bases there. I noticed that it gets deep pretty quick out of Charlevoix. About how deep of water is the red can in? I'm a little leery about heading out more than 10 miles because I only have a 17' rig, that will change next year.
  10. KJ, if the flasher was run with a 5ft lead off the ball and stacked a spoon 5ft above the ball on a one color swr that would put the spoon almost directly behind the flasher about 50ft back. Do you think that would be too far back? Sounds pretty deadly to me.
  11. Do you think it would be a good idea to run to run just a flasher off each of the rigger balls as an attractor and then run a spoon 20-60ft back or do you think that is too much junk in the water? It seems like it may have a tendency to tangle dropping it down.
  12. How is the salmon fishing out of the Charlevoix or the Harbor Springs area? Are there any kings around there? If so, what time of year do they usually start up? What general area do people fish around there? Any structure? Any info would be great. Thanks in advance!
  13. That's a nice looking laker on the "eye fly". I am new to running dodgers so I have a couple of questions. For those of you who run dodger/peanuts how long of a leader do you run between your dodger and peanut? What do you consider "good action" when looking at the dodger and peanut? Does the distance from the dodger to the release affect the action? If so, how far do people usually run them back from the release? What size of dodger do most people use for this type of application, 8"? Has anyone tried a one color SWR for lakers? This would keep your rigger weight in the no-snag zone and still allow you to fish the bottom 2ft effectively. When running an SWR does anyone have problems with the stacker getting caught on the knot between your main line and leadcore? Thanks in advance! Joseph
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