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  1. Got to agree with Erik. My hopes are always high but this past year was the worst year ever for us. On a normal late October night in years past we would see 10+ does and a small buck or two. This year we were struggling to even see a deer. Is it because of blue tongue? too many tags? poor management on other properties? or all of the above? Im not sure but I hope this year is better. Edit: I will add that hunting may be awesome early to mid season for us. It looks like if the farmers have any fruit it will be way early and by the time season rolls around the deer may be using the clover fields a little more.
  2. Thanks for the report Dave! What was the water temp?
  3. If you want to run 200, 300, and a 10 color at the same time I would do the same as everyone else mentioned but I would add another lead into the mix. Maybe a 7 or 8 color if the fish are there or a high line 2 color for steelies. You can VERY comfortably fish 2 boards a side even in a small boat unless it puts you over your rod limit. 80% of the year on our 18 footer my board program is a 10, 5 (plus weight as needed), 3, and 2 color leads. Nothing goes down the chute unless it is spring 'ho fishin.
  4. Thanks for the recipe Steve! This also makes lake trout taste halfway decent
  5. The IPilot is awesome. We use it most while perch fishing, just cruise til schools are marked, hit Anchor Lock, and it will keep you within 5 feet of that spot. No more messing with anchor lines. Its also nice for following sharp drops walleye fishing. Works best on flat days but it does just fine in the waves.
  6. Great job Kevin! I have quite a few memories from the Todd farm, never forget my dad smoking a light pole in the parking lot at 4 am:)
  7. Any other members ice fish this lake? I know its not the cleanest in the world but I have done pretty well on perch.
  8. I wrap mine tightly with thread like a traditional fly and coat it in clear fingernail polish. I have heard the smell turns fish away, haven't found this to be the case at all. I prefer to cover the threads with a rod building poly for longevity but you would need a dryer to do that.
  9. I use 1/4" OD, .170" ID tubing for my fly heads. Comes in like 15 ft sections for a couple bucks at Menards. I have used some of the bullet heads sold online but don't like them nearly as much. With the tubing I cut about a 2" section and chuck it into the drill. This gives me a good solid vice, that rotates if I need it, to work from. When I am done I cut off all the excess. The tubing is wide enough that it will slide over the loop on the end of my leaders so I do not have to retie to change flies.
  10. Pretty slow year for us, deer numbers are way down. I did take a small 8 pt opening day. I saw this deer a few times bowhunting but never got a shot. He had a death wish running around so often during the day. Good luck and be safe guys!
  11. Tying up some new trolling flies and maybe a few teaser rigs. That and building a few rods here and there throughout the winter when I am not ice fishing.
  12. Have the Trollmaster and love it. Only problem I could think of is that the numbers aren't super clear but I am not sure why you would need the numbers anyways. It is on a 9.9 Merc and it will change the speed by .1 MPH on a flat day no problem.
  13. Manistee in August is a blast. Killin Time is a great option, they know how to catch fish. Craig is a great guy and Matt can run a boat. Check out the website or the Facebook page.
  14. Last year about midday I started experimenting with them. I threw one 18" behind a trashcan and put it down on the bottom in 99 fow. Minutes later rod bounces...laker. Reset and no sooner did it pop and start screaming line. I grabbed it right away and new it wasn't a laker, Turned out to be a 3yr old king. From there on out I would use them as a go to rig if I just wanted to boat some greasers on a slow day. My favorite colors are green and chartreuse. Sorry I don't know the exact color names.
  15. I can attest to the monster carp there. Witnessed a 48.16 get shot there a few summers back. I hope you have luck finding a place.
  16. Also try Jans Net Craft and Franks Great Outdoors. A google search of those names should turn up some spoon blanks.
  17. Might want to give Wolverine Coach in Mattawan a call. They may have what you are looking for. (269) 668-3794 is there number.
  18. Imagine if that little guy kept that characteristic for a few years! Nice pictures, Paul. Are these out in Mattawan?
  19. That looks like an awesome rig! What do you plan to add to it?
  20. I would also go with Eyefull. Nothing beats a good custom rod.
  21. I may be interested, let me know details as you figure stuff out.
  22. I am very ready, Muzzys are flying great out to 50 yards. Just got my licenses as well. 2 buck tags, a doe tag, a fall turkey tag, and small game permit for 25$
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