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  1. Great job Frank! Were headed up that way early tomorrow morning and will stay until Monday. Hopefully the fish cooperate for us as well.
  2. You better not get that big one thats waiting for my dad! JK, good luck! I hope you do bag a bruiser. They are definitely there. I think that there was a 500lb plus bear taken near Olga Lake last year. My dad could have finally drawn a Baldwin Tag this year but is going to wait until next year because he is going to Canada this year. I hope to see some pics of a big one this fall! Are you going with bow or gun?
  3. Yep same story! We usually just smack the line on the water but I hate doing it to nice rods. Ended up retying quite a few times...
  4. Thanks guys! They definitely put on a show. The graph was lit up with marks all night we just couldn't get anything to go.
  5. Well wasn't our best trip but it was a beautiful night out on the water. Trolled from 80 all the way out to 120 with right around 100 feet being our best area. Ended up 2 for 4 with 2 Steelhead taken. The first was a smaller one on the rigger 66 down with a stacker up 10 feet. It hit a orange on yellow Proking (don't know exact name). Next was a very nice Steelhead that hit the full core. Put on quite a show jumping repeatedly. Hit a Sting Glow Ice Frog. The next two hits were on the rigger 72 down and 66 down. Saw the first rigger go off and break the band, ran to set the hook and nothing. Looked over at the second rigger and it got tripped! BIG Steelhead took a few really high jumps and came unbuttoned. Could have been the same fish? Maybe...the spoons that were on those two riggers were Killer Dolphin and a Luhr Jenson Shoehorn spoon in glow yellowtail. The shrimp sure made reeling in lines a pain as they were very think out there. Good luck!
  6. Thanks for the report captain. We are headed up there towards the middle of July for a week. Can't wait!!
  7. You definitely don't need riggers! Instead you can just use a one pound lead ball. Run a key ring through it and attach 2 church clips. Then run the line through the church clips. When a fish hits you just unhook the weight like you would an inline board. Fished with just that and lead core for years and it worked fine! Also depends on what port, species, etc you are going to be targeting. Feel free to ask as you go along, great forum with some great guys that really know there stuff! Good luck and have fun...
  8. What kind of records do you keep? I would love to see the total number of walleye you have gotten!! And nice job by the way!
  9. Holy crap! Glad everyone made it out alright and that everyone was safe. Sounds like a scary trip..
  10. Mhmm I know now! Haha duck hunted the end of that lake but never fished it. How deep were you?
  11. Hey thanks a lot! I really appreciate it! Did you guys end up with any perch?
  12. Good luck on the perch...we caught one and was the only thing we saw caught other than gobies. We went all over! Hopefully you guys will find them, I know they are there ya just gotta find them.
  13. I just saw this! Great job on the rainbows... If the lake is anywhere around here I think I know where! Great job on the fish looks like there are some nice ones.
  14. Well we had an awesome day on the river today. Here's a pic of the catch:thumb: I know that pic is not really clear but on a more serious note....my mom is a biology teacher and each year she does a program with the DNR called salmon in the classroom. She has a license and each year she receives 200 salmon eggs from them. We have a huge tank set up in the classroom with pumps that run water to simulate a river current. Amongst many other things the tank is set up with a chiller that keeps the water at 50 degrees until a few weeks before we release them we warm it up a little bit to acclimate them to the river. We had planned on releasing them early next week but the schools power died so they would have died pretty soon if we did not release him. Last year a janitor accidentally hit the power button on the chiller over the weekend and we came to school to find a green tank full of dead salmon. Not cool. Anyways I love being a part of it all and helping clean the tank even though you loose feeling in your arm. Being able to see the salmon go through the cycles is really neat. They have stripes for awhile but they are just now starting to loose them (a sign its time to release them). They are about 3-4 inches right now and ill tell you what there is one hog in the group! I think its a fun project and a nice way to give back. The survival rate of raising them this way is much better than what it would be in mother nature Here's a pic of my dad releasing them into the Paw Paw River. I will put some more pics up soon of them in the tank, when I get them. Four more years and I just might catch one of these bad boys. Doubtful but you never know!
  15. My bro said that most of the later el kids had their moms come and get them. He said in his class there were only 3 people still there when he left. I guess they would just play board games or something. We just sat in class and talked till they let us go.
  16. Well I was at school but about 15 minutes into second hour the power went out...well nothing too unusual thats happened several times before. Hour passes no power still and then another hour goes by and they let us go home! Was wondering if anyone has ever had that happen to them...needless to say im happy!!:D
  17. AWESOME! Makes me wish I was a senior and my last day is tomorrow... unfortunately I gotta wait til June 11. Great job out there.
  18. Great job mike and crew! Was hoping to get out this weekend but had a set back with the knee so hopefully next weekend! Were you in the tourney? If so how did it go?
  19. King on a crawler harness now thats cool!! Gonna be one tasty meal with the king, whitefish, and walleye! Good job guys.
  20. Nice to see a Detour report! I love fishing up there, uncle just left yesterday for a four wheeling trip to the island. Such a beautiful place.
  21. Good luck this season! The walleye should know to stay away from that boat by now!
  22. Sorry for the late report. Hit the water around 3 and stayed til a little after 6. We ran out to about 50 fow and set up pointed southwest. Worked all the way out to 90 with nothing happening so turned back and aimed it at palisades. In 53 fow we saw the 1st fish yet on the graph 35 down! Well it was pretty exciting but you cant eat marks haha. Just then the braided dipsey set on 2 66 back started to sing! It would be running about 30 feet so I kinda think it was the same fish! Maybe but maybe not. Nice 11lb king hit a killer dolphin! I swear we catch more fish on that than everything else put together. That was the only hit for us. Good luck out there.
  23. I think you may be correct. I dont know if anyone else saw anything about there being a possibility of the ban being lifted because of a judges ruling:confused: Any updates on that?
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