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  1. Was wondering if anyone has gotten any perch out of south haven yet. Any reports or info is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Justin
  2. Hopefully we can get out there again this weekend. Saturday looks a little wavey though. As of right now sunday isnt looking to bad.
  3. Sorry for the delay guys but I still wanted to post. Fished friday from 11-2:30 and went 5 for 5. Started about 3 miles south of the pier in 20-25 fow and nothin. Ran down by the chalets and set lines. Right off the bat a nice coho hit a red and black thin fish 85 back on planer board. When we were resetting the line the downrigger tripped and started screamin line. It got tangled with the line we were resetting, and me and my dad were trying to untangle it and drive the boat(cant wait for the auto pilot to get fixed on the trolling motor). Finally got everything untangled and it made a run for the side getting caught up in the planer board. We ended up pulling both lines in and landing a very nice 18 lb king. It hit a goldilocks spoon 50 back and 16 down on the rigger. After that within the next 15 min we got 3 more coho 2 of them on planer 85 back with red and black thin fish the other one hit a goldilocks spoon on the rigger 45 back. By the way the king was in 23 fow right in front of the chalets.
  4. Hey guys, I did upload pics under the deer section of the gallery if you wanna check them out. Im not quite sure how to post pics in a thread yet tho, sorry about that. There is one of my pumpkin that I carved a remake of the 13pt on. The second drop tine on the 13 pt is hard to see its on the same side as the one but it was broken off. It was still an inch so it counts in my book!.
  5. I love deer hunting and did double lung a nice 9 point this year! It was actually my second deer, I got a 13 point with 2 drop tines on the youth hunt in September. That was my first buck ever! I have hunted with my dad for pretty much as far back as I can remember.
  6. Fished from 10:30 in the morning till 2:30. Waves 1-2 feet and our speed was from 2-2.3. Went 10 for 11, 9 coho and 1 king. Had a fire drill going 3 rods fired and we cleared the rest except the left rigger as we were reeling in the other 3 that rigger popped. Landed all four coho. The king hit a red and black thin fish 100 back on a planer board with a 1 ounce clip on weight. He was 10 lbs and was on a rod with 10 lb test and got wrapped around the motor, cant believe we landed him. Got all of the fish except one on South troll 20-25 fow. Fish came on red and black thin fish, orange and gold thin fish, red huckleberry spoon, and red dodger with red penut fly. Great morning out there.
  7. Thanks for the welcome guys! Are speed was right around 2.2
  8. We fished out of south haven today from 2 until 6. Went 2 for 5 with 2 little cohos caught. Both on a goldilocks spoon 50' behind rigger 19 down in 22 fow 3 miles south of the pier. Lost one nice king at the boat also on a goldilocks spoon. First time out this year and it was a beautiful afternoon:).
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