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  1. It would be awesome to have this at other ports, I like the idea a lot! Thank you very much for putting this up. Quite often at school we will have work days and such where we listen to our ipod but today I pulled this live stream up on my phone, worked great.
  2. Listen to whatever Matt tells you, just make sure you try to avoid tournaments if possible. Your weekend will be more enjoyable.
  3. Yeah Lund is under Hewes for sure! Wish I could afford one.
  4. I agree with several others that Lund is the way to go. We have a 18ft Lund Fisherman that is a dual console. It is powered by a 115 horse Merc and a 9.9 kicker. It fishes VERY nice and is very trailerable. If you want any more info or pics of set up let me know!
  5. Thanks guys, she loves it! She was a fisheries biologist for years before she became a biology teacher. Its pretty cool to already see the size variations in some of the fish. Next year I kind of want to do a "picture a week" thread so you guys can see the growth and stuff.
  6. Yesterday we released the salmon that my mom raised as part of the Salmon In The Classroom project. Each year she receives 200 eggs and raises them until they are about 3-4 inches. It's always a lot of fun to watch their behavior. This was the best year we have ever had as we released 123 of the 200:thumb:
  7. I am still in highschool and go with buds on the weekends. Absolutely a blast and a real challenge when your shooting at gar as skinny as a redbud can. My dads friend built a sweet pontoon with 4 toons under it exclusively for bowfishing but has since sold it. Awesome pics!
  8. Sucks to hear that, Grant! Hope they get you back up and running in time to take peoples money;)
  9. Way to be, those text updates were killin me. Whats our countdown at now?
  10. Good luck Tarrey, if I were you, I would run out to 40-50 fow straight out or maybe a little north and head south. We would mark small schools and every fish we took, we marked it on the graph first. Just made waypoints of a few schools and worked them. Here's the two kings.
  11. And 18 and a 22 all in the same trip, can't beat it! Great job, Ken!
  12. Ended a little before 3:30. Final tally was 6 for 6. 3 lakers, 2 kings, and a coho.
  13. Haha thats funny. Just took a 'ho on 3 color and tequila sunrise.
  14. Now 5 for 5 braided dipsey 68 back with a screwball spoon took a laker
  15. Another king, same set up as previous king. Heres the only pic i have on my phone. Dead flat day, ill upload pics from camera at home, i dont like gettin the pretty phone wet lol
  16. Another laker, braided dipsey set on 2, 58 feet back. Mixed veggies on the business end
  17. Got a late start and have been fishing for about an hour. Cruisin between 35-55 fow, temp is 49 on top. Took a laker on the rigger 37 down with a Protroll with white fly, and a beautiful king on a half core with a Killer Dolphin spoon. Good day on water, back to fishin. ill keep ya updated. Gotta love smartphones
  18. Thank you very much for the info, hope to get out soon. You can also add the information about your trips to your signature line by clicking "User CP" in the top left then clicking "Edit Signature" on the left.
  19. That's a pig, great job on a spectacular Lake M fish!
  20. Wow Steve, sorry to hear that. I hope everything gets straightened out. It is very good news that no one in your family was harmed. Best of luck to ya!
  21. Awesome job! How many foot of water were you in?
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