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  1. I have an Excalibur as well and although I do like it, I would not recommend it for a 10 year old. It is big and bulky for even me to carry and shoot. I would get him into a pro shop and have him try out a few and let him decide. Good luck! Let us know how it goes.
  2. Yup Matt said it well. Send emails, try to meet as many people as you can. Stick with it and it will all work out. Read a ton of information, I was online all the time reading new stuff. If a captain is interested in you, you want to impress him. Good luck!
  3. Thank you very much Peter, my dad said it was a pleasure to meet you.
  4. No red x's for me? Good to know in the future though, thanks.
  5. Just letting you guys know about a computer virus that's going around that I unfortunately got. I got a popup that said Windows Internet Security 2011 that did a fake scan and said I had all these viruses on the computer. Well the truth was that that popup was the virus and when you clicked on it...your screwed. I quick tried to exit out, run my virus protection, go into safe mode, etc nothing worked. I had to take it in to get it cleaned up and cost quite a bit but at least it's better. Just letting you guys know and reminding you to back EVERYTHING important up. I had applications for school stuff and a lot of papers that I needed on it and am lucky to have them back. I think I was more concerned about the few thousand trail cam pictures;)
  6. Seems like 2.2 is the ticket for me and if I am fishing 20 fow I will flatline it off a board 100 back, its Thin Fish for me as well.
  7. Good report, thanks for helping out a fellow fisherman.. I hope they return the favor if presented the chance!
  8. Nice job Terry! How were the fish health wise? Always hard to tell from pics.
  9. Picked up a 757c at Gander last year for 350. It is a dual unit and seems to work great. GPS works well, and the speed is right on with the handheld.
  10. This pic is pretty old but the only one I have on the laptop. Lund Fisherman 1800 with a 115 Merc and 9.9 Kicker. Trailers well, also makes a sweet smallie boat.
  11. Welcome! I love fishing Manistee and Au Gres.
  12. Don, I think that shirt might fit him a lil better!!:thumb:
  13. Its not like your ever going to catch a fish while wearing one. Why don't you come on over to the boat that knows how to catch fish:p
  14. Welcome Rich! I would love to see some east side reports. I fish out of Black River and Alpena every so often.
  15. Looks like Pioneer beat me to it, and Flyboy to answer your question about trees you may want to find a welder around you or even someone you know to build them for you. It would probably save quite a bit of money, I had my uncle weld up a post for the back that slips in to the seat pedestal mount and it works great.
  16. If your wanting to run long lengths of copper or core check out the new TX-44s by Church Tackle. Forgot to add that you can switch the board from Port to Starboard and vise versa if you want.
  17. 2 and 3 color cores work pretty well. We normally just run 20lb mono with a clip on weight or just run it flat. I have also ran 10lb but be careful. It is not uncommon to run across some big spring kings.
  18. We have had success with multiple thin fish colors, the red and black is just my favorite. Blue and silver, and gold and orange are two other hot colors. And bite is not usually a morning bite, its pretty consistent throughout, imo.
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