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  1. My problem is getting in the camera. I think I can figure the wiring out but my cam is sealed. Thanks for the wiring info! Doesn't seem too bad..
  2. Let us know how you do! Should be out thursday.
  3. I have wanted to do that bad! Any idea of how to do it to a Moultrie?
  4. Thanks Bill! I would like to make one this winter once I have a little money but I will remember this post. Have you made your own? If so could you post pics/specs like board and camera type.
  5. Killer dolphin by farrr! Also modified kvorkian and gator! All sizes seem to work..
  6. Well got out on the water and the fog rolled in. Tried staying kind of shallow until the for lifted. Ended up 3 for 3 with one 4 year old kind, one smaller decent king, and a coho taken. The best water was 85-105 and the direction did not matter. The key seemed to be going slowww like 2 mph. Took the kings going slow both on a half core with a blue Silver Horde. The coho came on a rigger 47 down with a gator spoon. Seemed like we maybe had a pattern then had to go of course:rolleyes: Anyways it was a beautiful day out there once the fog rolled off and I had a great time:thumb:
  7. Thanks for the wave report and nice job on the fish! We will be going out of SH tomorrow.
  8. X2 Had a trip planned for this morning but wasnt quite sure. Decided tomorrow might be a better bet, how were they?
  9. My thoughts exactly! Great fish guys:thumb:
  10. Welcome! There are some guys on here that really know there stuff and are always more than willing to help. The guys posting above are right on the spot! I would stick with just spoons for now and not flashers. A pretty good rule of thumb is higher in the water column (10-20feet) run reds and oranges, middle(30-50) run green and blues, and deeper run darker like purples and dark blues or blacks. There is of course variations but this is a good way to get going.
  11. Thanks for the report! How big were the waves? To get an idea of what the waves may be like try clicking on the Marine Forecast at the top of the page. They can be wrong with the wave forecast though.
  12. No problem! Welcome to the site! Its always nice to have another person fishing the same waters and giving reports. Nice have you here!
  13. Where are you coming from? This will be a lot of info all in one so it might be confusing. If from I-94 take the Phoenix Road exit until you reach Broadway Street (also M-43). Turn right onto Broadway and follow it until you get to Dykman Ave. You can only turn left onto Dykman. You will see Dykman leads to a bridge crossing the river. Right before the bridge turn right onto Dunkley Ave. Follow this road for just a little bit and you will soon see Pyles Porthole on your right. They will have minnows, drinks, and a fishing report. Get back on Dunkley but DO NOT follow Dunkley around the side of Pyles. Instead go straight and you will now be on Wells Street. This leads right to the City Launch which has several docks and usually a fish cleaning station but I heard it was out of commission. Sounds confusing but its really not at all. Just google map South Haven and you will see where the bridge crosses the river. It is then easy to find Dunkley and trace your way to the launch. As for a report I have not been out in a while so I am not much help there. There is usually a pretty big pack of boats to the south of the pierheads. I would go to the south down by the 2nd or 3rd Sand Dune. That is a pretty good spot and just scan 20-40FOW till you find the fish. Another good spot to try is North of the Sand Dunes. There is a crick called Deerlick Crick. It is identifiable by the 5-6 very similar houses one right after another. To the South of these houses there will be a short gap and then one really large house. The crick lies in that gap between them. Try fishing straight out from that crick. Pyles usually helps with what foot of water to fish. Google Pyles Porthole and they will have hours they are open and a number to call. They also have a report but I dont know how recent it is. Hope this helps and be sure to report back to this site! Good luck!
  14. This is pretty straight forward but remember not to horse fish in! Its easy to get excited and want to get the fish in the boat fast. Keep the rod tip high and let him run!
  15. Thats tough! I would try calling Cuddeback and see what there suggestions are. I think I have about had it with store bought cams and this winter I am going to go to work making quite a few homebrews or at least try. If you do a google search for homebrew trail cams a lot comes up. I know that doesnt help your problem but they look like something fun to try. Good luck with getting your cam fixed.
  16. Sounds good to me! Im 15 and have four points right now so hopefully Ill get a tag when I am 20-ish. Man do I hope you get a big bear, that would be soo sweet!
  17. Got trail cams set up? If not I would definitely suggest even getting some cheapies over every bait pile so you know which one you want to hunt most! Rifle or slug?
  18. A little crazy??? Lol jk that is great that he is doing that much. Now if only he was doing that for the Packers he might get a little more support from me:rolleyes:
  19. Yeah that^^^ Its a shame I was hoping we could get together and fish maybe but I guess its his choice.
  20. Thank you for the reminder Mike. I myself will buy one in case a bird just happens to walk buy while bow hunting. I think its crazy that you can buy a license every day until they run out!! Also season starts much earlier this year..
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