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  1. Ive almost had all the ice rods I can take for the year already! Been building them since September:rolleyes: I am very ready for the ice though, can't wait to be fighting slab gills on the other side of a UL!
  2. Oh yeah gold inserts I gotcha, the more I hear about it the more I want to make one just like it for myself! Lol you wont be disapointed I can promise you that.
  3. Yup, exact rod I looked up. Very nice!! Alps makes great real seats as well so it sounds to me as that is a good set up. Do you know what kind of guides?
  4. Rainshadow makes a pretty good blank. Quite a few of the poles I make are Rainshadows. Did Eyefull make it? IMO custom rods are the way to go. Is the blank a Mod/Fast Action? What power is it? I just looked it up a 9'6" Mod/Fast Medium Light and that is a nice blank. So any blank around there will be really nice! I would definitely go with it if it fits the action and power that you wish. Sounds like a really nice set up!
  5. Trip of my dreams!!! Awesome pictures, some of those sunrises/sets were gorgeous! Great job!
  6. I love shooting geese! Sounds like a good morning, congrats Jim!
  7. Ususally up north (U.P.) on small rivers, or streams and a little on bigger lakes in the harbors. Pretty popular to use "slammer" rigs using a fishing pole like a tip up. Youtube it and I am sure you will come up with lots. Steeliebob should chime in, hes an expert!
  8. If I were you I would get a custom made rod. Tell the builder exactly what length, action, power, tip, etc. and he will be able to hook you up. Can usually get different blank colors and a custom handle and reel seat. You can make the fanciest of fancy poles with tiChrome guides or you can get just a basic level. You can also choose the color the guides are wrapped in which can be pretty much be every color imaginable. So basically you get whatever you want, exactly how you like it. This is just the route I would take IMO
  9. Welcome! Even if the boat is not in the picture is a fishing kayak a possibility? In the spring the fish stack up in 15-25 fow in Lake Michigan out of St. Joe. If you pick your days right I bet you could have a good trip! Anyways good luck river fishing! Let us know how it goes.
  10. Our food saver died on us and wouldn't fully seal or vacuum very well. Ended up buying on of the little hand pumps ziploc makes and the darn thing works pretty good!!! The bags are resealable which is a plus and they are wayyy cheaper.
  11. http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/forums/showthread.php?t=17456&highlight=radio+etiquette Thats a little info. Quite a few people use radios to give reports but seldom do I think they are telling the truth. If you do give a report it is likely within 20 minutes you will be fishing with 10 other boats near by. Channel 68 is common for lake Michigan and I think up in the bay's as well. Radio checks arent always proper but it is extra ensurance that your radio is transmitting properly. Example-"This is Ashman can I please have a radio check on 68?" And quite often a response will be loud and clear or something of the sort. I still don't know what the proper etiquette is for radio checks but that is the most common.
  12. Thats an awesome video! No way I'd do that thought. That boat is a Protector and its got twin 300's on it!
  13. I heard the fish were in close. Anyone want to get out the kayaks and have a salmon run/kayak fish off??
  14. South Haven is decent just about year round. September is usu sally a good month thought. If you go this weekend bring the dramamine (15-20 foot waves)!
  15. Might also make a trip for pics/video. We went last year and it was one of the coolest things I've seen. 20 footers were getting the tires wet on the North side of the south haven pier.
  16. All very good info, I really want to try jigging that area Mike mentioned. I think it would be an awesome battle with a big king on spinning gear.
  17. Paulywood hit the nail on the head! We use it and it transmits a long ways. Some days we pick up calls from Holland when were in S.Haven.
  18. Not sure what type/brand but they are clear and a thin braided elastic like material. They work fantastic. I am pretty sure Mike recommended them in one of his seminars. Maybe he will chime in.
  19. Nice job! Do you guys ever hook into any other kind of fish other then lakers?
  20. Awesome smallmouth action! I have never fished it this time of the year but I would fish deep drops in 20-40 fow with a drop shot rig and a leach or goby imitation. We fish it when they are on the beds in June and kill them! Witnessed a 7lb smallie pulled out of the east bay buy a guy I know. There is also a pretty plentiful white fish population I believe.
  21. Alright well its hanging up for a week on our property right now and when it gets back Ill take a look at it. Thanks!! Hopefully it will have some monster buck pics too;)
  22. Yup cleaning station is back and the passes make it a lot easier to deal with the gate.
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