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  1. we caught a king on december 28th out of milwaukee while fishing for browns on a meat rig. Then in late february we catch cohos and kings on meat while using a single head 30" back from a trash can dodger
  2. wouldn't use michigan city area launches at all, bunch of posts on another board of guys getting stuck in bigger boats than 18 foot. Maybe make the run from new buffalo,mi or portage, in.
  3. We run 10 # round and fish out of portage a lot. Especially when the skamania are in.
  4. We run charter specials on all our rigger rods, or spring coho planer rods. Also two color rods are ran on them. Dipsey reels are the diawa saltist line counters with the high ratio retrieve and our 5 color, 7, and 10 colors are all on the saltist reels without line counters. Very happy with the setup now.
  5. He was asking about portage, Indiana and we've been out there several times and to go for 1 fish a trip instead of at least 10 hits is slow. Hoping all this south wind will help clean up the lake some for fishing right above that reef.
  6. water is stupid stupid dirty on the south end, don't expect to get into any fish for 2 weeks probably. Assuming we don't get "another" big north wind storm and it'll dirty it up further.
  7. Excellent perch fishing will be starting up shortly out of indiana waters, if you're venturing this far into "south" lake michigan.
  8. we might run up from chicago for this
  9. Is there a minimum post count or time I need to be on the forum before I can post up a for sale item? I searched around but didn't find anything about it in the FAQ section
  10. We just picked up a few pair of these, can't wait to try them out in the spring. The city chicken meat rig did really well for us last year, so hopefully this will be another area of improvement. Still haven't limited out yet with a 2 or 3 man limit on the south end of the lake, so we're hopeful this will be the year
  11. we just run the mounts angled and use rod holders that can swivel and lock in whatever direction you want. Simple and no issues with worrying about the welds failing if you cut the mounts apart and rewelded
  12. I love our mako boat and it's cheaper than the sea swirls to boot. Have been in their 21' dual console and enjoyed the ride, make sure to get close to max hp as you can in any of these boats or it'll be a slow ride out.
  13. thanks guys, guess I'll try for some smallies out there. ALLEYES when you say they are trolling right out in front of the river, what are they trolling for? walleyes or for staging salmon?
  14. I'll be headed up to traverse city, MI next week for 5 days and was wondering if there is any fishing to be done in either the west or east Grand Traverse Bays. I'll be leaving the bulk of my salmon gear at home since I'll be mostly staying at long lake a few miles south of the bay for some bass, walleye, and muskie/northern fishing but since I'll have our center console was debating hitting the bay up as well. Last year I inquired through local tackle shops for fishing around november as that's when I was up there and was told nothing but whitefish. Now that it's earlier in the season, anyone local know if there's fish to be caught and a general idea on what bay and where? thanks in advance.
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