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  1. Thats too bad! Some years are great at the house for us and others are just off years and we have to go to our other properties. It seems that we see them only in the fall and spring though.
  2. Well I have been hunting a pretty good sized tom pretty hard. I have hunted him 8 times and seen him 7 of the 8. Each time he has been 50yds or closer I just cant seal the deal. Today after school I went out by myself and saw a bird moving through the brush. I had seen a bearded hen on the trail cam and what do you know its her. I decided it may be a once in a lifetime chance so I took her. Wanted to get her mounted up by another one I have but for some reason half of her belly was naked. She had a 5 and 1/2 inch beard and weighed 11 lbs. Maybe my dad or buddy will get the big tom!
  3. Great job guys! Hope you have another hot year this year. I cant wait to get back out to the bay.
  4. YES! Before i got into building rods i built a lot of flies just for experimenting and had some success. The flashabou at d and r works great too. I actually had most of my success by tying the materials on to a electric crimp. The crimp had a opened face and caught some water giving it action(hope that made sense) I also found cheap clear nail polish works well to secure the thread. Good luck and have fun, im 15 and love it so i hope your boy will t:thumb: there is also no other feeling than fooling a big fish with your own fly
  5. Exciting it was! Im thinking that Im gonna break out the shotgun next time though! lol
  6. Well.... Couldnt hunt this morning because of school but raced home and got set up behind the house. After about 30 min I did a little calling, waited a minute did a little more and then shut up. About 2 minutes later I hear drumming behind me and I start shaking like a leaf! Out pops a red head through the brush 10 yds away no chance for a shot. I can tell its the big one I have been watching a little bit recently. In the mean time a jake walks 5 yds in front of me right up to the deke and just stands there looking around. The tom got mad at the little guy for stealing his lady and made a circle and stopped 20yds away out in the wide open. I pull back and put the pin just above the little green feathers when he was in full strut broadside and let her fly! Somehow I hit too far forward and got some feathers but not a dead bird:( He then proceded to run about 200yds and gobble his head off. Sat there and listened to him for close to an hour then snuck out. Im frustrated that I dont have a dead bird but at the same time happy that hes gonna live another day hopefully! Hope everyone had a good hunt!
  7. I heard that and thought dang now thats a quote ill always remember hahah:thumb:
  8. good ol captain phil, ill be watchin it!
  9. I believe you are correct! Im still not sure if this is a "shooter" in my book. Only one spur and a pretty scrawny beard so I may let him walk!
  10. Got up early to do a little preseason scouting behind the house and had a group come in first thing and not leave all morning! They finally started to mosy off around 10:30 but I think I spooked one getting out of the blind. Here is one of the toms that I got on the trail cam. Also saw a bearded hen...my first ever:D No pics of her unfortunately.
  11. I have the Moultrie 5.0 Outfitter Camera and have had it out for awhile over the winter. I was very impressed with the camera and the quality of pictures it took! It would average about 100+ pictures a day and I still got pretty good battery life with the 6 d cell batteries. However with the one piece of property being a ways from the house and us not visiting it for awhile I would like to have the camera up for 2 months or more over the summer. I know Moultrie has the power pack but I do not want the solar panel. I have several Vexilar batteries that I use for all sorts of stuff and the camera is 12 volt. I just need the cord that I could run from the camera to the battery. Anyone know where I could get one? Thanks! Justin:)
  12. Well our list is lonnggg but some of the major items are a Hummingbird 757c fish finder/gps and the Minn Kota Ipilot system for the trolling motor. Tried the ipilot out in the river and man is that sweet! Im thinking that the spot lock feature is going to be the cats meow for perch fishin!
  13. Great job and thanks for the report! How many fow did the brown come out of?
  14. We usually are up there the time of the Salmonfest and I would highly recomend trying it one year! This past year we got fourth and purples like kevorkian and blueberry muffin were hot! If the salmon fishing is slow go toss some tubes around one of the many many rocky islands for smallies or head out by pecks island Scotts bay area for the walleye. One year we slammed the walleye in 4 fow drifting orange crawler harnesses through the weeds. Drummond is probabally one of my favorite places to be
  15. I know how you feel! I live just up the street and I think I am at that place just about as much as my own house. Then once I do go there a bunch of my friends work there so I turn a 5 minute quick get something trip into a 1 and a half long talk about fishing!
  16. Well we headed out for a couple of hours to get a shakedown cruise in. We fished everywhere from 5 to 35 fow. Ended up going 1 for 1 taking a big male steelhead in 30fow in front of Deerlick Crick. It hit a Hot Steel Rapala on mono behind a board with a 1 ounce weight. Water temp was about 38 in most places. This will be my last trip for awhile cuz I am having surgery Monday. Hopefully I will still be able to get the tail end of the spring fishing! We also saw a crazy jet skier out there in a t-shirt! It looked like Jarod and the Nee Hi were out so I'm curious how they did.
  17. Atlantics! I have not been able to fish for them up there at that time of year but have seen several hitting the top of the water in August. I hear spring is the time for them. Try fishing in the passage and on out by the lighthouse or by the big reef there. I would stay higher in the water column and use stick baits like rapalas or chrome and blue spoons or something along those lines. Hope this helps a little bit and good luck! Let us know how you do!
  18. For some reason the turkeys do not show themselves all winter at my house. No tracks...nothing! However they come back in the spring every year. With the warmer weather and snow melting they are starting to show. I got 2 big toms on the trail cam today! It is getting to be that time, I cant wait!
  19. Here's a few more, they aren't salmon but they were from the Great Lakes or its tributaries. First time out of Au Gres Image did not work A couple of Traverse Bay smallies And finally a brookie. I know its not a monster but I worked for hours to get this little bugger. Hes pretty and I got him on my own fly!
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