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    South Carolina native came here '94 - ocean fisherman
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  1. Has DNR placed docks at Lexington this spring? Thanks in advance
  2. If hinges have holes and separate I use tie straps thru hole sto keep lid on and attached, effective quick fix
  3. Started from PM lake 5 PM afternoon 8/15 - ran West 10 miles to 450 ft - trolled North, one hit, blue fly behind 8" silver prism dodger - big coho - turned East and went w fish towards shallower water, pick of cohos and kings w most hits coming 31 to 66 down - strong spoons were Moonshine Happee Meal on cores (small version) blue dolphin (mag & regular) on both riggers and cores. Blood red moon rising over port w sundown pink and purples to West was worth the ride alone. Finished 8 - 12 with big king 18. All cores and all riggers hit. (2,5,7 & full cores). 8/16 cleared pier heads and all rigs out by 6:15 AM in 50 feet. West troll @2.5. Immediately took hit on rigger @ 21'. 22lb king on Happy Meal Mag size. Immediately after took 24lb king on small size Happee Meal on half core. Took 21lb king on Mag dolphin on full core, continued W w big agressive coho from 70' to 200' - finished 8 - 11 w over 120 lbs of fish - lost a bigger king than the 24lb'er! Three hits came with rod in hand while setting. Speed at ball 2.1 to 2.4 worked best - 45' to 60' rigger leads and Best depths under boat 70 - 120' morning and 450 - 300 evening.
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