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  1. This is getting out of hand he said she said bs. He said he has diawa 47lc ( not tekota or convectors) and a copper rod to offer for a price. We all know what tekotas cost and what convectors cost and what diawa 47lc cost. The original post states he wants quality copper reels. Were mostly budget fisherman and are brand loyal. Tekotas are great and pricey, convectors are great for the price a littles less expensive. Diawa 47lc are great and less expensive. It all depends on how much use and how you take care of your equipment. We've all spun this post out of context.
  2. I have copper reels for sale. Tekota 700 and 800. Pm me
  3. What is the hole diameter needed to mount
  4. We also did ok in the takle Haven tourney Saturday finish right behind you in 7th place. We took 8 fish for 11 hits, 6 kings, 1 laker, 1 steelhead. We started in 105 and worked out to 190. Our best bait was an ace high green squiggles plug. 450 and 400 copper and 130 on the rigger. Wire out 265 with blue fish scale and blue strong fly meat rig took 2 hits. Crazy b spiny with green mirage on a 300 copper took a king. Laker came on bottom with watermelon tin can and glow spin glow with red dots. Steelhead came on down rigger unknown depth due to faulty counter. Moonshine rv blue flounder. Could only take fish on 330 heading. Nice day to be on water, catching fish was a bonus!
  5. Those are Shakespeare wolverine charter choice. A far cry from eagle claw. I had 10 of them before I went talora rout and still wish I had them.
  6. Left the dock around 0530 and done fishing at 1230. Ended up 14 for 21. 7 kings, 4 steelies, 3 coho. Started ini 50 fow straight out. Zig and zag south for a mile and worked out as deep as 100 fow. North and south trolls were better than east west trolls. S.o.g. Was 2.6 to 3.0. What worked? Uv warrior veggie spoons in 200 copper and down riggers down 60 and 65 with free sliders. Later in the day the uv stinger blue dolphin in rigger with free slider took 2 steel. Dypsys were quiet but boxed 1st and biggest fish on the day a 18 lb king. Wire out 90 on a 1 setting. Stinger uv 8 in paddle with big weenie proctologist fly.. Crazy b with green mirage took a few hits on other gypsy 3 setting at 125. King bite best early steelhead bite better late morning. Ask questions or feel free to ask anything. Willing to help anyone out.
  7. 1st reply guy figured that out quick! I just moved to this side in jan. and have 5 guys coming to fish for about a week. Don't have the room in my house, so looking for some lodging for them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Anyone have a good place to stay? Looking within 20 miles. Cabins or vacation rental. Trying to stay away from holiday inns, red roof inn, etc etc... Any leads good or bad would be helpful. Thank you
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